Diagnosis Daytime Judges Panel: 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

The 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will take place on April 29, 2018. Before the big event, Diagnosis Daytime got together with some friends to pick our winners based on the reels submitted. 

To stay true to how the winners are chosen, our panel of judges picked their choices based solely on the reels that were submitted rather than overall yearly performance. It was both a fun and very eye-opening experience for everyone. It’s always interesting looking at how the actors are awarded from a different perspective, one that is based on a sample of an actor’s work rather than the year as a whole. This can be both a blessing and a curse because it all comes down to who picked the best reel. It’s also important to note that an actor can only win if they submit a reel for nomination. Some fan favorites weren’t in the running simply because they didn’t put their name in the ring.

General Hospital leads the list of nominations this year with 26. The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives follow closely with 25 nominations each while The Bold and the Beautiful garnered 18 nominations. The nominated reels can be view on the Daytime Emmys Youtube Channel.

Diagnosis Daytime’s Judges Panel:

Jenn Bishop (Diagnosis Daytime) @SoapJenn
Emily Corbett (Talk Daytime) @emilyc0915
Cathy Chandler (Talk Daytime) @somuchwhatever
Carolyn Topol (Carolyn Topol Talk) @CarolynTopol
Vonnetta L. West @VonnettaLWest
Lacretia Lyon (Mrs. Brightside) @lacretialyon
Candice Mack (SoapParty411) @CandyPooh
Karen Canfield (Wubsnet) @Wubsnet


Outstanding Younger Actress In A Drama Series

Reign Edwards (Nicole, B&B)
Hayley Erin (Kiki, GH)
Cait Fairbanks (Tessa, YR)
Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire, Days)
Chloe Lanier (Nelle, GH)

Chloe Lanier received the most votes in this category. “The winner in the younger actress category is Lanier. Her portrayal of Nelle is creepy, bewitching and has a classic mystery/suspense edge. I struggled with the character because of how the show utilized her. It’s a reflection of Lanier’s brilliance that she won me over anyway,” declared Vonnetta. Jenn agreed, “I picked Chloe Lanier. I’m enjoying Nelle more now but really have had a hard time with the character. That being said though Chloe is a good actress and I felt she showed a lot of range. I also liked Reign Edwards and Hayley Erin. I think Hayley will have stronger material to submit next year and should be able to bag an Emmy pretty easily with the Me Too story she’s doing now.”

Reign Edwards also grabbed our attention. “It’s fascinating watching the reels, as opposed to the ongoing performances on the shows.  From the point of view of only the submissions, I would call Reign Edwards the winner.  I felt the inner turmoil and emotional journey she took to reach her conclusion in the scenes submitted,” noted Carolyn. Olivia Rose Keegan and Hayley Erin (whom Lacretia feels is  “so underrated”) both got a vote each. While Cait Fairbanks is certainly a talented actress, most felt her reel didn’t focus on her as much as her co-star. This seemed to be a running theme for both the Younger Actress and Younger Actor category.


Outstanding Younger Actor In A Drama Series

Lucas Adams (Tripp, Days)
Rome Flynn (Zende, B&B)
Tristan Lake Leabu (Reed, YR)
Casey Moss (JJ, Days)
Hudson West (Jake, GH)

The panel was predominantly divided between Hudson West and Casey Moss. “After watching the Younger Actor reels, I found myself working hard to focus solely on the material in those reels.  It’s incredible how different opinions are once they are narrowed by the constraints of the reels alone. Based on the range or emotion, and appropriate control and facial expressions, it would be a tie for me between Casey Moss and Hudson West,” shared Carolyn. The choice seemed pretty obvious for Karen who exclaimed, “Geesh – Hudson takes it by a mile! Some of the other clips feature other people more than themselves!” Jenn agreed, “I picked Hudson West. I really enjoy his work and I figured he would be my favorite before I watched the reels. He always just makes me feel his scenes.”

Rome Flynn’s reel was another one that got some love from the panel and he could prove to be the dark horse in this race. “Tough call between Casey Moss and Rome Flynn, but based strictly on the material submitted, I’m going with Moss. This reel shows his mastery of expressive acting even with little dialogue. He showed a fantastic range in all of his scenes, especially when handling JJ’s level of despair and the realism of the absolute depths of depression and the rationalization for suicide that can come with it. That said, Flynn has some serious chops – I wanted to be Zende’s wife when all was said and done,” Cathy explained.


Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series

Marla Adams, (Dina, YR)
Camryn Grimes (Mariah, YR)
Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie, Days)
Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, YR)
Mishael Morgan (Hilary, YR)
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, B&B)

The Supporting Actress category was a strong group with solid performances from everyone. YR dominated the group with four out of the six nominations. “My first pick before seeing the reels was Marla Adams. Her reel is the emotional one but Camryn’s reel was a self discovery of her character. Mishael Morgan was good too. That’s going to be a tough category,” said Candice. “I can’t decide – Mishael Morgan or Marla Adams! I don’t watch the shows so it’s hard. I think I’ll go with Mishael Morgan…I think,” stated GH fan Karen.

Camryn Grimes certainly seems to be the darling of the category and got the majority of our votes. As Cathy stated, “This is Camryn Grimes’ award to lose. The material is fantastic, her full range was on display, and she expertly toed the line between expressing frustration, sadness and unrequited love without going into ‘crying jag’ territory. You can feel her absolute terror at reconciling her own discovered feelings, and it’s solid stuff.” Jenn had a hard time choosing a winner but ended up picking Camryn. “I really liked the reels in this group. I originally picked Mishael Morgan but flipped to Camryn Grimes. Camryn seems to be the one to beat this year and I’d be surprised if anyone else wins. She’s certainly the fan fav online.”


Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

Wally Kurth (Ned, GH)
Chandler Massey (Will, Days)
Anthony Montgomery (Andre, GH)
Greg Rikaart (Kevin, YR)
Greg Vaughn (Eric, Days)

The Supporting Actors were another solid group, containing some of the best actors in the business. Anthony Montgomery received the majority of our votes with Greg Vaughn a close second. “My choice is Anthony Montgomery. I think his reel is awesome. Honorable mentions to Wally because I cried happy and sad tears through the whole thing,” laughed Emily. “Chandler was okay but wasn’t what I expected, Greg Rikkart shows maturity, GH should be lucky to still have a gem like Wally but Anthony and Greg V were forceful of emotions…raw emotions…this might be the real category for a tie because Greg V and Anthony were on fire! Their shows should be thanking the SoapGod that they are on there,” opined Candice. Vonnetta found YR’s solo nomination in the category to be the clear winner. “Greg Rikaart is a genius and one of the best actors on TV. He wins this category for me because he went all out, even when he’s still. Such powerful energy and a golden talent. His reel reminded me of that and made me ask, ‘Why, YR, why?'”

Most of the panel really enjoyed first time nominee Wally Kurth’s reel but opinions differed regarding three time Emmy winner Chandler Massey. “I would call it a tie between Chandler Massey and Wally Kurth. Chandler’s scenes with Deidre Hall are brilliant, yet Wally’s scenes with Jane Elliot blew me away. If I had to pick one, I would go with Wally Kurth due to the combination of emotion, angst, and humor at a mature level,” debated Carolyn. While Chandler’s reel had Jenn intrigued prior to watching, she ultimately chose another. “I picked Anthony Montgomery with Wally Kurth a close second. This was a pretty strong group. I was curious to see what Chandler Massey’s reel looked like because in the past his reels have been very short, around three minutes. There was something about the combination of the scenes he picked that didn’t quite work for me but that’s just me.”


Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

Eileen Davidson (Ashley, YR)
Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH)
Marci Miller (Abigail, Days)
Maura West (Ava, GH)
Laura Wright (Carly, GH)

This group is always the toughest race, showcasing nothing less than pure brilliance amongst the nominees. GH tends to own this category and this year was no different with it receiving three of the five nominations. We all had a tough time picking our winners. Most of us had our hearts torn between Maura West and Nancy Lee Grahn. “Okay, so I cannot chose! Like, Laura’s reel made me cry because of the Jason stuff, and like Eileen Davidson is amazing too. But I’m tied between Maura and Nancy because I feel like they both told such important and vulnerable stories. Can I have a tie? If I can’t have a tie then I wanna go with Maura simply because that ‘I just want to be beautiful’ scene tears my heart out. This is stressful!” Emily shared. It was a little easier for Lacretia to land on her choice, “Maura West. Tough category but I have to go with my girl.” Vonnetta felt Laura Wright and Nancy Lee Grahn’s reels were the stand outs but ultimately settled on the later, “All very strong reels. Wright and Grahn stand out. Grahn’s the winner here. Subtle in the AA meeting. Sublimely devastated, in love and resigned in the scenes with DeVry. Stunning in the hotel room flashback scenes.” While Cathy’s final choice was Maura, she wouldn’t be surprised if Nancy took home the honors. “It’s a three-horse race between Eileen Davidson, Nancy Lee Grahn and Maura West, but in the end, I think this one is Maura West’s category to lose. Even weaker scene partners in parts of her reel couldn’t stop her from shining, and she had some hefty material to play that really showed off her talents. I’m going to throw Nancy Lee Grahn down here as a potential spoiler, though, because despite playing probably the most unpopular and most pointless of stories from GH last year with the death of ‘Julexis’, she played the absolute mess out of the material she was given.”

Candice and Jenn were the odd ones out with Candice voting for Marci Miller and Jenn voting for Laura Wright. “Marci was fresh and it was nice to see her reel tell a solid story. Now my pick is Marci but knowing the Emmys it might be Eileen,” shared Candice. “I was actually pleasantly surprised by Marci Miller’s reel because she gets such a mixed response from fans online. It took me forever to decide but I went with Laura Wright. Even though she says ‘Morgan’ way too much, her reel was stellar,” stated Jenn.


Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Peter Bergman (Jack, YR)
Michael Easton (Finn, GH)
John McCook (Eric, B&B)
Billy Miller (Jason/Drew, GH)
James Reynolds (Abe, Days)

For some reason, the Lead Actor nominees are never as impressive as the Lead Actresses. Opinions on the reels were a bit divided, coming down mostly to a matter of personal taste as to which reels were the best. James Reynolds, Michael Easton and Peter Bergman’s reels left the most impression. “I thought James Reynolds and Billy Miller’s were the best of the lot. James did such an amazing job. It all looked so natural and hooked the viewer in,” shared Jenn. “James Reynolds! Awesome reel! I don’t even watch the show and loved it. Do you know if the kid died or not?” responded Karen. Carolyn agreed, “It’s amazing how a well organized reel can have just the right impact. I found myself completely impressed by James Reynolds performance. Condensing almost the entire Theo-shooting arc into one brief reel worked out perfectly and I would go with him.” Vonnetta was blown away by Peter’s reel, “Bergman was a wonder as power-hungry, back to being bad Jack Abbott. The scene with Jason Thompson…Wow!”

Meanwhile, Michael Easton was the winner hands down for Emily and Lacretia. As Cathy pointed out, “Michael Easton may be a dark horse in this category as well – his drug storyline may not have been popular or cohesive, but he submitted a fairly decent selection of scenes here that showed off his chops.”


Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series

John Enos (Elvis, Days)
Morgan Fairchild (Anjelica, Days)
Robb Derringer (Scooter, Days)
Ryan Ashton (Zack, YR)
Vernee Watson (Stella, GH)

Vernee Watson got most of our votes in this category with Robb Derringer a distant second. This wasn’t a big year for guest performances which was evident by the reels. “While I think there were several quality performances highlighted in these reels — I actually watched them twice — I found that Vernee Watson’s performance had the widest range with a close second by John Enos.  It actually could have gone either way.  I even considered Morgan Fairchild briefly,” stated Carolyn. Karen shared the same sentiments, “Oh Vernee absolutely! She was great in this clip.” Emily was a big fan of Morgan Fairchild’s take on Anjelica, “I watched the reels and it’s still Morgan Fairchild. Although honorable mentions to Robb Derringer because he’s fantastic and creepy all at once.” Cathy wasn’t a big fan of the category all together but went with Robb as her choice. “This category rarely thrills me (and this year is no exception), but I will say that I felt I could feel the sleaze dripping off the screen in Robb Derringer’s reel so I’m going with him.”

The 45th Annual Daytime Emmys will stream on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on the NATAS website. There will be red carpet pre-show featuring backstage winner interviews with Carolyn Hennesy (Diane, GH). The show will also stream on KNEKT’s digital television network on Apple TV, Roku, iOS and Android. Be sure to also check out our pal NaVell J. Lee’s red carpet coverage for The Buzzcast.

Who do you hope takes home a statue this year? Please leave a comment with your thoughts!

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  1. Cheryl

    April 23, 2018 at 1:02am

    My predictions

    Best Young Actress : Reign Edwards (Better story and acting)


    Best Supporting Actor: Greg Vaughn

    Best Supporting Actress: Cam Grimes

    Best Lead Actress: Maura West

    Best Lead Actor: James Reynolds

    Best Directing Team: GH

    Best Writing: Days (for the second half of the year)

    Best Show: Days

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    • Author

      Jenn Bishop

      April 23, 2018 at 7:48am

      Excellent picks! Thanks for commenting!

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