Diagnosis Daytime Judges Panel: 46th Daytime Emmy Awards

The 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will take place on May 5, 2019. Before the big event, Diagnosis Daytime got together with some friends to pick our winners based on the reels submitted.

This year, the nominees’ reels were not made available to everyone as they had been in the past. Luckily, our panel knows soaps and we were still able to accomplish making our informed selections. A special thank you to our friends at Soap Central for providing the details of the submissions.

Days of our Lives leads the list of nominations this year with 27. General Hospital follows closely with 25 nominations. CBS drama The Young and the Restless garnerd 20 nominations while its sister soap The Bold and the Beautiful nabbed 12. 

Diagnosis Daytime’s Judges Panel:

Jenn Bishop (Diagnosis Daytime) @SoapJenn

Emily Corbett (Talk Daytime) @emilyc0915

Cathy Chandler (Talk Daytime) @somuchwhatever

Carolyn Topol (Carolyn Topol Talk) @CarolynTopol

Vonnetta L. West @VonnettaLWest

Candice Mack (SoapParty411) @CandyPooh

Karen Canfield (Wubsnet) @Wubsnet

Stephanie Guyton @soapfanfiction

Outstanding Lead Actress
Marci Miller (ex-Abigail, DAYS)
Heather Tom (Katie, B&B )
Maura West (Ava, GH)
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, B&B)
Laura Wright (Carly, GH)

The Lead Actress category is always a strong one and this year was no exception. However, Maura West was the clear stand out for us with Marci Miller coming in at a close second. “Oh. Did this category have anyone other than Maura West in it? It did? That’s cute. After the post-Kiki murder scenes she delivered, shut it all down. Nothing else to see here,” declared Cathy. “It’s hard for me to vote against Heather Tom, because she’s so genuine and authentic onscreen. However, I have to go with Maura West, who was stunning as Ava Jerome, a truly captivating, beautiful disaster that I can’t turn away from. Her reel summarized her performance this year: searing and sublime,” agreed Vonetta.

For some of us, it was harder to decide between the two talented leading ladies. “VERY tough category!!! I would call it a tie between Marci Miller and Maura West — both sold their incredibly challenging storylines,” stated Carolyn. It might be the upset of the night but Marci Miller …however I think Maura might win,” pondered Candice. “Maura’s performance during Kiki’s death really moved me but I feel like Marci’s reel might hold up better out of context,” suggested Jenn. Emily went with another talented leading lady as her choice. “Laura Wright. I think everything she does is awesome.”

Outstanding Lead Actor
Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH)
Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R)
Tyler Christopher (ex-Stefan, DAYS)
Billy Flynn (ex-Chad, DAYS)
Jon Lindstrom (Ryan/Kevin, GH)

The two gentlemen who really captured our hearts this year were Peter Bergman and Jon Lindstrom. “Jon Lindstrom! Not only did he play two completely different characters, he manages to make Ryan a psychopath that’s not a standard daytime villain. Chilling and intriguing without any break in the character. The best part is that he had Ryan grow and mature from his former murderous self and made him into a subtle yet vengeful serial killer. Masterful,” declared Karen. “Lead actor should be Jon Lindstrom as a back to back nominee. But last year reintroducing a 25-year-old character and giving him new life and quirks was masterful. He was terrorizing  and sexy at the same time,” shared Stephanie. Jon was Jenn’s first choice as well. “I really want Jon to win this! He played the double roles with such delight, adding so many subtle details to both characters. I want to be entertained when I watch soaps and he entertained me.” 

Vonnetta was wowed by Bergman’s performance. “Max Gail was superb in Maurice Benard’s reel, but I digress. While Jon Lindstrom pulled me into his portrayal of wicked, woefully unwell Ryan, Peter Bergman was stellar in his portrayal of non-Abbott, then Abbott again, Jack. Being John Abbott’s son matters most to him and that was evident in Peter’s portrayal. I was on the edge of my seat for the Jack/Ashley scenes. Great soap opera featuring legacy characters.” Candice had a hard time deciding between three of the nominees. “My mind says Maurice,my heart says Peter and my gut says Jon…I hope it’s a tie. Okay for best actor, I want to say a tie between Maurice and Peter.”

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Kassie DePaiva (Eve, DAYS)
Linsey Godfrey (Sarah, DAYS)
Martha Madison (Belle, DAYS)
Beth Maitland (Traci, Y&R)
Mishael Morgan (Hilary, Y&R)
Vernee Watson (Stella, GH)

The ladies from The Young and the Restless got us in our feels this year. Carolyn loved all the nominees but one stood out the most. “My gut feeling is Mishael Morgan, but there were some truly emotional, challenging scenes by all these amazing actresses during the past year.” This category is Mishael Morgan’s to lose. I mean, a death scene? Come on,” stated Cathy.

DePaiva slayed, but I think it’s a grand toss-up between Mishael Morgan and Beth Maitland! I’m hoping the coin lands on the right side for Maitland, who was amazing and brilliant as the moral compass for the Abbott family and for the show,” declared Vonnetta. Stephanie agreed. “Really want Maitland to win. Strong scenes with the Abbot’s and still keeps her heart and loyalty to all of them. She is the heart of the Abbot’s and really of Y&R. She has earned a story and contract.” Emily’s choice was Days star Lindsey Godfrey. “I think she is an amazing actress.”

Outstanding Supporting Actor
Max Gail (Mike, GH)
Bryton James (Devon, Y&R)
Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS)
Greg Rikaart (Leo, DAYS)
Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, GH)

Our choices for Outstanding Supporting Actor were all about emotions -one made us laugh and the others made us cry. “This was a really tough one. Dom Z did some of his finest work last year, especially during the Nathan Funeral and aftermath. I have to give it to Max Gail though because his work as an Alzheimer’s  patient was just perfection. I think we were all wondering how he’d fill in Ron Hale’s shoes as Mike but he just made the character his own. The chemistry between he and Maurice was genuine and heartbreaking,” declared Karen. “Bryton James brought it. Truly. Rage. Devastation. Sorrow. And Greg Rikaart was wonderfully diabolical as Leo. But Max Gail? WOW. That’s all,” shared Vonnetta. Carolyn agreed, “Once again, all had incredibly challenging scenes/storylines, but I have to go with Max Gail’s portrayal of his slow decline into Alzheimer’s.”

Thought all year Gail would have this, then the story petered out and Greg Rikkart came in a blaze of Emmy glory. James was a strong performance and he needed a better reel,” shared Stephanie. “Greg Rikaart probably won’t win for this category because nobody ever votes for comedic reels, but he should. Leo Stark was a breath of fresh air in Salem, and Rikaart held back nothing whether it was camp, cruelty, or catharsis. But sadness wins Emmys, so I’m going with Bryton James,” declared Cathy. Candice also picked James. “Bryton James but half of me thinks DZ.”

Outstanding Younger Actress
Hayley Erin (ex-Kiki, GH)
Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire, DAYS)
Victoria Konefal (Ciara, DAYS)
Chloe Lanier (ex-Nelle, GH)
Eden McCoy (Josslyn, GH)

This group was by far the strongest category this year. It was tough to just pick one; they’re all so deserving of the accolades. Last year’s winner Chloe Lanier could take the win again. “Chloe Lanier did her best work last year unleashing unhinged Nelle on the entire town of PC. She not only gave birth in the wood with only Dr. O as her midwife, she managed to walk down a lonely road and give Brad her baby.  Smooth as silk,” chimmed Karen. Vonnetta was also impressed with Lanier. “Great group of young actresses who gave solid, compelling performances this year. My take: Lanier stands out. Chloe was chilling. Peyton from ‘The Hand that Rocks the Cradle’ chilling.”

Candice’s pick was Eden McCoy for her portrayal of Josslyn Jacks and Olivia Rose Keegan for her portrayal of Claire Brady. “Well popularity vote says Victoria from Days however Eden has done amazing work and look at her partners..Laura,Maurice…so Eden will win. Olivia Rose might win but I have a feeling Eden might win so it’s between them two.” I found Hayley Erin’s powerful Me Too storyline well done and therefore I chose her for this category,” stated Carolyn. “Hayley Erin made me love Kiki Jerome, a character I previously disliked. She was spot on with her performance during the Me Too story line. I could feel how trapped and terrified Kiki felt,” added Jenn.

Cathy was charmed by Days’ Victoria Konefal. “Great, talented pool in this category, but Victoria Konefal is my favorite. She has revitalized the younger set on DAYS, and she has chemistry with every acting partner with whom she has scenes. (Not to mention that white-hot chemistry she shares with Robert Scott Wilson – Ben and Ciara are smoking up the screens, and it’s fabulous to see an old-school’ish DAYS couple on the air.)”

Outstanding Younger Actor
Lucas Adams (Tripp, DAYS)
William Lipton (Cameron, GH)
Kyler Pettis (ex-Theo, DAYS)
Garren Stitt (Oscar, GH)
Zach Tinker (Fen, Y&R)

The Younger Actor category wasn’t nearly as strong as the Younger Actress category. William Lipton lead with number of votes. “Lipton has a natural presence and has been a great addition to the GH teen scene. His reel includes the scenes in which he began to step up as an actor,” predicted Vonnetta. Stephanie was also impressed with the newcomer playing GH darling Elizabeth Webber’s eldest son. “Younger Actor will probably be Adams had a strong reel. BUT Lipton last year and this year made Cameron Webber his own.” “This was a tough one, because I found the whole field rather dull. I’m going with Willian Lipton which seems like a copout since he’s in GH but I’ve honestly seen him grow so much this year. I loved his work as the ‘troubled teen’ and trying to deal with his mom’s involvement with a serial killer,” stated Karen. Carolyn had trouble picking just one and landed on a tie. “I’m torn between Kyler Pettis and Garren Stitt — both offered powerful, moving performances.” Meanwhile, none of the actors stood out for Cathy.

Outstanding Guest Performer
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (ex-Miguel, DAYS)
Patricia Bethune (ex-Mary Pat, GH)
Wayne Brady (ex-Reese, B&B)
Kate Mansi (ex-Abigail, DAYS)
Thaao Penghlis (ex-Andre, DAYS)

Outstanding Guest Performer could be anyone’s win. “Kate Mansi because she’s Kate Mansi,” stated Emily. She was Cathy’s choice as well. “This category is usually a mixed bag of shorter timers and/or stunt casting, but it’s fantastic to see Kate Mansi in the mix this year. She was only back for a short while, but she made the best of her time and delivered some fantastic material as Abigail.” Karen went with Patricia Bethune as her pick. “Wayne Brady was good with his real life daughter, Patricia Bethune was on GH longer and did way more drama than I expected from a ‘smaller’ role. I honestly think they kept on and expanded the whole Mary Pat character because of her talent. And come on, you have to give it up for anyone who’s head end up on a barrel!” “‘I’m Wayne Brady, bitch!’ Why not? Daytime vet Thaao Penghlis is my pick here,” proclaimed Vonnetta. “I’ve adored Wayne Brady ever since he was on Chappelle’s Show. Give him all the Emmys!” added Jenn.

Best Drama

With sadly only four soaps left on the air, choosing which ones deserve an award for Best Drama can be a bit tricky due to the lack of options. All the shows automatically get a nomination. The panel did share some thoughts on which shows stood out the most for them though. For Candice, it came down to a race between GH and Y&R. “Best show…well GH might win it but if YR submitted what I think then YR will.” “For Drama, I chose DAYS because last year you saw the rebuilding really come together and it showed on the screen in storylines. Abby losing her mind, Ciara trying to begin recovering from Chase and by December encountered Ben. Stefan vs Chad. Brady/Eve vs Teresa,” shared Stephanie. Cathy wanted to pick Days but wasn’t impressed with their submission. “Ugh. Why does DAYS always have to shoot itself in the foot with this category? Based on the submitted scenes, I have to go with GH on this one.” “I hear Days is fantastic but I’m a General Hospital Girl at heart. This year GH gave us Nathan’s Death and the great Story of the Resurrection of Ryan. It should probably win on the Alzheimer’s story alone!” proclaimed Karen. “GH submitted Nathan Funeral which would be really hard to beat…had they not also submitted the Nurses Ball. I feel like Y&R or Days will grab the win,” suggested Jenn.

Who do you would you like to see take home an Emmy on Sunday? Please leave your comments below!

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