General Hospital Diagnosis: When The Bough Breaks

General Hospital has gotten viewers talking with its latest twist on a classic soap opera trope. After Brad discovered that his baby Wiley had died from SIDS, Nelle convinced him to switch out his son for her own very much alive baby. The new story has generated debate online. While most can agree that it’s great to finally have the popular couple back on our screens again, fans are questioning just how Brad can get out of this latest scheme without losing Lucas. It’s quite the obstacle to overcome but if they do get past it, it will make them stronger in the end. 

Nelle tells Michael their boy didn’t make it.

This story has the potential to have a great impact on many characters in Port Charles. Lucas’ family is grieving for a child they believe his nephew Michael has lost. Nelle laid the guilt on pretty thick, letting Michael and Chase believe the foolishness of their plan caused the death of a child. Michael has never had things easy when it comes to relationships and family. This will just mess him up even more than he is already. I’m sure in the minds of his family, this tragedy could have been prevented if the rivalry between Carly and Nelle had been dealt with differently. What if they had all been wise to Nelle’s nefarious ways before things got out of hand? Why didn’t they wait until after the baby was born to strike? Should they have used their criminal means to “take care of” the situation instead of working with the PCPD? There is a million “what if’s” that could be going through everyone’s minds now.

Wiley’s godmother Sam has gone through what Michael is now experiencing. She lost her first child, a baby girl who Jason and her planned to raise together. Their shared grief for “Baby Girl McCall” brought them closer, they fell in love and decided to have their own family together. Seeing what Michael and his family are going through could lead to Sam reflecting on her past and examining what she really wants for her future. Sam is one of GH’s lead characters so it has been a bit frustrating to see her treading water for months. It’s baffling how what was a promising love triangle with Sam caught between Jason and Drew never accumulated. What I wanted from that potential story was a strong point of view for Sam and this current story could offer that. Sam may be drawn to an adventurous lifestyle but it doesn’t outweigh her desire to have a family. A happy family was something she always wanted with Jason and something she almost had with Drew.

Lucas is happy to with his new family.

Another person that Wiley’s death effects is one who is currently offscreen, his birth mother. Lucas has expressed concern that the biological mother will change her mind about the adoption. If that does happen, what will Brad do? Will he tell the truth or continue with the charade? There has been some speculation as to who Wiley’s birth mother is as well. Could it be that she’s someone familiar to the audience? GH has had three pregnancies in the past year – Nelle’s, Maxie’s and Hayden’s. Maybe Hayden and Finn are Wiley’s parents. I think that would be a perfect twist to the story. Since Hayden has left, Finn has begun a relationship with Anna. He’s unaware that Hayden was still pregnant when she left town. If he finds out that he had a child, it will shake up the new life he has started. Added to a revelation like that would be Finn’s previous clash with Brad when he suspected the lab manager was tampering with his drug tests. Would Finn, feeling that his initial opinion was correct, convince Lucas and others that Brad isn’t worth another chance?

Felix was at one time a big part of Lucas and Brad’s story. For the last few years, we’ve only really seen Felix occasionally and he’s had an offscreen relationship with sometimes Nurses’ Ball red carpet host Donny. However, we have started to see more of him now that he is Mike’s personal nurse. The strain on Brad and Lucas’ relationship from the deception could re-ignite a romantic entanglement with Felix again. The first time the triangle played, Brad was in the middle. It would be classic bad boy vs. good guy to have Lucas be the one to choose between Brad and Felix.

This story has just started so it’s hard to say which direction it will take but so far I’m very intrigued. What are your thoughts on the baby switch? Feel free to vote and comment below!

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One thought on “General Hospital Diagnosis: When The Bough Breaks

  1. Loveamystery

    August 5, 2018 at 5:20pm

    Oh what a tangled web we weave boy it makes for a great soap. You have a beautifully devious mind. Love it.

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  2. cooks7570

    August 5, 2018 at 5:22pm

    Wouldn’t Finn and Hayden’s baby been born by now?

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  3. Quinn

    August 5, 2018 at 6:39pm

    The kid is better off with Brad and Lucas than with Michael. If that kid gets near the Corinthos family, it will get shot in the head or blown to pieces.
    As for the poll, I voted no because I don’t want Brad & Lucas to lose their baby when the truth comes out.

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  4. Patricia Pyron

    September 8, 2019 at 10:56pm

    I want Nell and Brad to be found out for what they’re doing to Michael.Brad because he had always dealt in messy situations and gotten away with it.Nell because she is evil and LOWDOWN and needs to be found out that she has been lying.Michael needs some happiness in his life.

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  5. Patricia Pyron

    September 8, 2019 at 10:59pm

    I want Nell and Brad to be found out for what they’re doing to Michael.Brad because he had always dealt in messy situations and gotten away with it.Nell because she is evil and LOWDOWN and needs to be found out that she has been lying.Michael needs some happiness in his life🤗

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