General Hospital: Love In the Time Of Corona

If you’ve watched the preview for next week’s General Hospital (see below), you may have caught Port Charles’ favorite sexpot Ava Jerome Cassadine checking out her husband’s backside as he left the elevator. Just because she can’t touch doesn’t mean she can’t look. With the new safety rules that soaps have to follow, it may be a long time before we see Ava take her prince to bed, but luckily fans have Maura West to heat up the screen with just one look.

Folks, let’s talk about eye sex! Just because our favorite Port Charles couples can’t lock lips like they all too rarely used to, doesn’t mean that GH has to be devoid of intimacy. The show has some of the best actors on TV who are more than capable of bringing romance from a distance.

Fellow sudser The Bold and the Beautiful has gotten a bit experimental with their navigation of the new normal with the use of stand-ins and blow-up dolls. The CBS drama centers its plots more around who is sleeping with who than GH does so I can understand wanting to try to keep love scenes and make out sessions. But I think it’s safe to say at this point that the over-obvious replacements are more of a distraction than a success. I hope they ditch the sex toys and let the writers and actors get creative instead.

GH has been doing socially distant love in the afternoon before it was even a requirement. Fans of Anna and Finn fondly remember the time the spy and doctor engaged in pillow talk during a flirty phone call. A few years ago, Franco and Liz sizzled in scenes where he painted her portrait while she stood across the room from him. More recently, the couple celebrated their anniversary by running up the stairs to their bedroom. These scenes were playful, cute and the fans loved them. Instead of trying to find creative work arounds for providing love in the afternoon, I propose that GH, as well as the other soaps, just do what they have been doing.

It’s a shame that GH didn’t have Nik and Ava get horizontal during the cold winter months when a full love scene would have been possible. However, if after a tension filled argument the scene cuts to a satisfied Ava lying draped in a sheet with Nik standing beside the bed wearing nothing but a pair of expensive silk boxers, I doubt fans would feel cheated. Nobody would certainly be paying attention to the social distance.

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