General Hospital Teasers: The Week of December 4, 2017

Take a look ahead at what’s in store for the week of December 4, 2017. Remember to tune in daily and set your DVRs!

  • Sam fights to protect her future.
  • The familiarity of the docks lures Jason.
  • Franco’s conscience weighs heavy on him.
  • Liz makes her desires regarding her future with Franco known.
  • Nelle attempts to play nice.
  • Sam is clear about her intentions.
  • Maxie surprises Amy.
  • Lulu devises a new plan.
  • Olivia steps on Monica’s toes.
  • Ned offers a peacekeeping solution.
  • Sam looks to Alexis for assistance.
  • Carly clashes with Nelle.
  • Olivia finds herself on the sidelines.
  • Ned holds firm.
  • Lulu discovers the truth.
  • Sam reaches out to an unlikely source for help.
  • Sonny gets a lead on the whereabouts of someone who may hold the key to unraveling the mystery of the Jasons.
  • Josslyn receives an important package.
  • Franco has a surprise Liz.
  • Lulu lets Michael in on the truth.
  • Sonny has questions.
  • Sam’s reunion is bittersweet.
  • Franco may be in over his head.
  • Carly’s bad day gets worse.
  • Oscar makes a confession.

Up Next:

  • Sam learns the truth.
  • Cassandra propositions Finn.
  • Alexis delivers a painful truth.
  • Monica rolls out the welcome mat.

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