General Hospital Weekly Diagnosis: Love Will Have The Last Word

I’m going to keep this short this week due to the holiday and focus on the 55th anniversary episode of General Hospital. I really enjoyed seeing the veteran cast all dressed up and sharing fond memories, inspiring many fans to do the same online. It was fun seeing everyone tweeting all their favorite GH moments. It was a lovely episode however, I wouldn’t describe it as particularly memorable.

This was essentially a clip episode. With primetime, there’s so many other options for watching previous episodes so it doesn’t make sense to sit through an episode full of old bits and pieces of other episodes. But this is daytime. Soaps can still entice audiences with flashbacks of our favorite moments because the options to see classic episodes is scarce. That’s why the clips ended up being the highlight of the episode for me.

One of the most memorable and heartbreaking moments on GH was the story of BJ’s heart. I loved how this was given focus in the episode by tying it into Maxie’s present day struggles. Having Bobbie reach out to Maxie – taking care of the piece of BJ she has left – was touching. I felt a lot more from their interaction then I have from Maxie and Peter’s awkward relationship. Tying the show’s history and playing the connections between characters we care about is the way to give a story an emotional impact that the audience can feel. I wish GH took the opportunity to do this more often.

I liked a lot of the lighter moments that we were given in the episode also. I have fond memories of “Eddie’s Angel”. Alexis has had some rather dark story in recent years and she’s finally starting to come out of it thanks to her budding friendship/faux romance with the wacky Dr. Finn. It was a nice reminder that she can be charmingly awkward. GH did something really cool earlier in the week when they had both Franco and Sam choose to find themselves in order to make healthier relationship choices in the future. I feel like that is happening with Alexis too. Alexis’ dating history has been disastrous but Ned is one of the few “nice guys” on her list. Things did get complicated for them and both have moved on but it was nice to see them remembering a time where getting caught in her underwear was the worst that could happen. I have no doubt that Alexis and Julian will eventually find their way back to each other but it’s necessary to see them fix some stuff on their own first.

It was also nice to see a lot of the family moments that GH has had through the years such as Lee and Scotty Baldwin’s complex relationship. I’m a fan of Kin Shriner who has portrayed Scotty for 40 years. After he wasn’t included in much promotion for the anniversary, I was glad to see him as part of the episode and live tweeting with fans. However, his continued presence on GH is unfortunately in question now due to some tweets over the weekend that suggested he was done with the sudser. Needless to say this has caused a bit of panic for fans. Since there has been no official word on this, all we can do is wait for more clarity. Hopefully, this is a misunderstanding and we get more story for Scotty. I’m still waiting for the powers to be to wise up and bring his daughter Serena Baldwin back.

Soaps in general aren’t what they once were and seeing highlights from the glory days gave almost sense of loss. We don’t get shenanigans like Norma and Eve’s or heartbreaking young romances like Stone and Robin’s anymore. I realize that budgets have been slashed but you don’t need a big budget to tell good stories. We weren’t given an episode of flashbacks of explosions, mob shootouts, water skiing or spoiled movie stars throwing a mannequin off a building while a drag queen sings a Tears For Fears cover. Nobody would want to watch that and at some level those in charge have to understand that. Jason telling his mom he loved her means more to fans than his action hero stunts.

Other random thoughts:

✚I know GH is invested in the Corinthos but the Baldwins, Quartermaines, Spencers and Webbers should have gotten a little more attention. If those core families hadn’t enchanted fans there would be no Port Charles for the Corinthos to populate.

✚I liked the choice in couples dancing – Sonny and Anna, Jason and Carly, Michael and Maxie. Yes, please.

✚Recreating Luke’s Place was a nice way to give a nod to a popular leading man.

✚I loved Liz and Mike’s scenes a few weeks back. It would have been sweet to see them dance.

✚Using a flashback of Sonny shooting Dante in the chest as an example of what a great father he allegedly is was in poor taste.

Check out a behind the scenes video of the episode here and see what’s happening next week here.

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One thought on “General Hospital Weekly Diagnosis: Love Will Have The Last Word

  1. Kathy Carr

    April 1, 2018 at 10:50pm

    Can I buy the song, Love will have the last word?”

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    • Author

      Jenn Bishop

      April 1, 2018 at 11:31pm

      I’m not sure. You can try asking GH’s music guy Paul Glass. His twitter account is @GHMusicPG. He’s not online very often though.

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