General Hospital Weekly Diagnosis: Make You Feel My Love

Last week’s General Hospital was action packed with the return of Faison. I enjoyed the week over all and the cast was amazing as usual. I still think the show could use more romance but the week did provide a good look at the many different stages of a relationship – friendship, falling in love, engagement, marriage, creating a family and loss.

The week began with Drew and Sam’s wedding. It was a nice treat for fans of the couple to see them declare their love for each other in front of a small gathering of friends and family. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel about the nuptials as there was a lot left to interpretation. The event had kind of ominous tone with Sam thinking of Jason and not looking very excited about her wedding to Drew. Meanwhile, Spinelli begged his friend to stop the wedding. Jason instead decided to stoically stand aside and wallow in his thoughts of Sam. Jason thinks Drew will make Sam happy but it’s possible that Spinelli is right and this marriage will only bring her grief. Is Sam just doing what she thinks is expected of her and denying her heart in the process? Maybe. It’s hard to tell. Despite its uncertain start, the wedding did land on a more positive note. The vows were very touching and in the end Sam looked very happy to be starting her new life.

Cold feet turns into a happy wedding for Drew and Sam.

Interestingly enough Spinelli pointed out to Jason that at one time he made Sam feel safe. Now the person who makes her feel safe is Drew. It’s a different sort of safe. Jason provide Sam protection from the bad guys when she was living the wild life of a private investigator. They fought by each other’s side. Now Sam has two children and her addiction to danger isn’t what it once was. The security that her life with Drew provides her family is more what Sam needs now. If Jason and Sam were to ever be together again, they would need to get to the point where he makes her feel safe in her current world. I think while a lot of this triangle is based on Sam’s past and present, in the end it will be about reconciling both.

Anna’s past with Faison is certainly one she would like to be able to forget. I loved the showdown between Anna and Faison. She’s terrified of this man yet still resourceful. The scenes with Finn, Anna and Faison were brilliant. I feel like it’s a little too soon to declare them in love but Anna and Finn both truly care for one another. Now that Finn has witnessed just how dangerous Anna’s life can be, I wonder how things will changed for them. Finn is able to handle himself in a tough situation but this could still provide a major obstacle for them as evidence from his conversation with Alexis. As for Anna, she may feel a need to protect the man she cares about from her complicated life.

I found it very interesting that Finn was the doctor to treat Faison and I feel like this will come into play in a big way. He had pause when he saw that Faison would be his patient and for a moment I thought he would decline to work on him. But he didn’t. Now he’s in the position to either save this horrible man or rid Anna of her nightmare. Finn’s a good guy and has his oath but this could go either way depending on how one looks it. Anna’s reaction to this could go either way as well.

Kevin wants to study Franco.

I’m a big fan of Liz and Franco but not a very big fan of the state of their current story line. I feel like the writing has at least shifted a bit with Franco being more vulnerable than insecure and Liz being very aware that her man is feeling haunted, but the writers have put two very talented actors in the position of doing all the work to sell this. The fact that it’s moving at a snail’s pace certainly doesn’t help the absurdity of Franco freaking out about something he probably didn’t even do when he was three-years-old. I like the introduction of Jim Harvey and Kevin Collins into the story line. Hopefully, these supporting characters will help provide some much needed movement.

Many have theorized that Jim may have been abusive or the one who actually pushed Drew down the stairs. That seems pretty likely considering he knows how to make Franco feel uncomfortable by discussing his childhood and insulting his capabilities as an artist. That’s a much better explanation for Franco’s dark side than a story about a rambunctious toddler. Franco seems to have blocked a lot out but I wonder if Drew remembered what happened prior to having his memory switched out for Jason’s. I like that Liz suggested Kevin help Franco. Hopefully he’s able to get Franco to remember what happened, maybe through hypnosis. One thing that stood out to me is that Kevin said he would have access to Franco’s medical records as part of his study. It would be quite the twist if it were discovered that little Bobby was actually the one who took a tumble down the stairs.

The most heartbreaking moment of the week came courtesy of Nathan and Maxie. I was glad that the writers gave them some sweet moments together before tragedy struck. This couple was one that I instantly loved from the beginning. Not only are they visually appealing but they paired so well together. It was nice having a lighter love story on GH involving an actual hero. I’m sure a lot of Nathan and Maxie fans share the same frustrations regarding the writing or lack thereof for the pairing as I do. When their story first began, it seemed they were being set up as the hot young super couple of GH. They went on adventures with their friends Lulu and Dante, overcame obstacles and shared romantic moments. But then it felt like the writers became less enchanted with them and they were regulated to playing sidekicks or given confusing story direction involving secret ex-wives and bloggers.

Nathan puts the picture of unborn child next to his heart.

Nathan’s “who’s the daddy” story was started in 2014, dropped and then finally picked up again a few months ago when Maxie learned she was pregnant. It turned out that the truth was something that Nathan and Maxie had rather not known after all. The villainous Faison is not only Nathan’s father but now possibly his murderer as well. Nathan was shot protecting Maxie and their unborn child from his dangerous father in a scene that rivaled Sonny shooting Dante. Faison was on the hunt for his son, feeling he had been betrayed, but he didn’t know that Nathan was his son when he shot him. The real traitor and Faison’s other son appears to be Peter. I’m not really liking Peter. I thought perhaps his being Faison’s son would make him less boring or sympathetic but it hasn’t. He’s doesn’t have the charm that Nathan has.

The big story of the week was Laura dropping out of the mayoral race to tend to an injured Spencer. This story wasn’t getting buzz so much for what was happening onscreen as much as what has happened off screen. Genie Francis has been taken off contract thus putting an end to Laura’s campaign race. I haven’t commented on this casting decision as much as others have mainly because I don’t feel like I know enough about the situation to do so. Neither Francis or the show have made any official comments as to what led to the decision. I am very disappointed in the choice though. I’ve been loving the strong independent woman that Laura has become sans Luke and enjoyed her romance with Kevin. While I’m glad that Alexis will be taking over Laura’s campaign as oppose to Julian or Sonny (I really thought it would be one of those guys), I think that story will be missing something now without Laura.

What did you think of the week? What stories are you enjoying? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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One thought on “General Hospital Weekly Diagnosis: Make You Feel My Love

  1. Melissa

    January 28, 2018 at 4:57pm

    I think you were entirely too positive, but I guess that’s only because I’m so negative. I think the entire Sonny/Jason heroes of Port Charles and must be thrust into every single story and save the town is flat out disgusting.

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    • Author


      January 28, 2018 at 7:15pm

      I’m not a big fan of the “bad guys” as “good guys” either. It would have been nice to see the PCPD have a win once in awhile. I’m more interested in the romances and other relationships than the action stuff myself so I choose to focus on that.

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