General Hospital Weekly Diagnosis: This Isn’t Everything You Are

General Hospital’s major story lines have begun to take shape after months of stalling and the result is pretty entertaining. I appreciate the focus on social issues such as fracking, child abuse, sexual harassment, Alzheimer’s disease, adoption and shady politics. It reminds me of classic GH stories like Stone’s death and BJ’s heart. I hope the writers continue to set this tone for the series because it has fans talking in a good way.

GH still has its flaws but I’m overall enjoying it. The last few weeks have had plenty of action while maintaining a mostly character-driven format. Here’s my thoughts on what I loved, and a little of what I didn’t, during the week of March 19, 2018.

The Velocity of Drew

“To hell with happy endings, you are here for the story.”-Beau Taplin

I’ve been growing rather fond of Drew lately. The development of this character should have gotten a jumpstart months ago instead of just having Billy Miller continue to be “notreallyJason”. I’m glad that we’re slowing seeing more of Drew, the heroic sailor with a tragic past. Miller deserves a character of his own to bring to life. Seeing Drew emerge from the harbor seemed symbolic of a rebirth.

Drew and Franco found their way out after Harvey trapped them together.

I’ve seen some folks say that they wish that Jason and Drew were working together in their investigations and while I can see their reasoning, I respectfully disagree. Putting Drew in story where he would most likely end up Jason’s sidekick wouldn’t help break him out of the “notreallyJason” mold. At most, I could see that turning him into a Spinelli/AJ hybrid which is just…no. Plus the gentlemen are in love with the same woman so they are’t going to be pals anytime soon. While developing a brotherly bond between Drew and Franco may have its controversy, it’s a wise move to give Drew such a non-Jason relationship while capitalizing on great chemistry. I loved the scenes between this duo last week. I’m not sure they can ever be best friends but I hope we get to see more of their complicated bromance as they both explore what shaped them into who they are today.

The main event last week came from the Sam, Drew, Liz and Franco quad. These actors all play off each other well but often in the past their interaction has bordered on cringeworthy. Seeing the ladies put their differences aside to rescue their guys worked. I feel like soaps too often ignore the fact that women are just as protective of those they care about as men. This was a great catalyst for Liz and Sam to stop arguing and combine their detective skills. The guys ended up saving themselves in the end but it truly was the thought that counted in this situation. The audience was shown how much these women cared about their partners. Of course in Sam and Drew’s case, things aren’t so crystal clear right now.

Sam tearfully confessed to Drew that she still loves Jason and that her heart is torn between the brothers. When Sam begged Drew to stay, he told her what they had wasn’t real and left her. I’m glad that this is how things played out for them. Sam may have thought she was doing what was best for her family at the time but it was wrong of her to let Drew think he had her whole heart. “You love us both? Why did we get married?”

Sam comes clean to Drew about her conflicted feelings.

Drew’s wedding ring was practically its own character last week. Drew lost it, it helped guide Sam back to him when she found it and then he removed it after Sam’s confession. As a friend of mine said, “I don’t know if [Sam and Drew’s relationship is] done, but him taking the ring off and finally realizing this was all about Jason all along…I felt like when he lost that ring and he said it never came off, it was a bigger plot point than Sam finding it and locating the boys…it was to juxtapose while he felt that way Sam was in love with his twin.”

While I can see some benefit to having Drew and Sam as the married couple in the equation as opposed to Sam and Jason, I think it was a mistake for Sam to divorce Jason so fast and rush into marriage with Drew. If Sam chooses to rekindle things with Jason, she’ll have to get divorced from Drew and remarry Jason as their iconic Noodle Buddha wedding has been rendered null and void. This is GH not The Bold and the Beautiful and I don’t need that kind of marriage whiplash. As for Sam and Drew, I feel the shotgun wedding cheapened them as it happened for the wrong reasons. I would have preferred Sam stay married to Jason while investigating Drew’s complex background prior to her making a major decision. However, perhaps seeing this as a mistake is the point of the story. Sam has made a mess of things because she wasn’t true to herself and the only way to fix it is for her to find out who she really is as an individual person.

On The Friz

“Nothing you confess could make me love you less.”-The Pretenders – I’ll Stand By You

While it was rings off for Drew and Sam, Franco and Liz seemed to have a bit of a reunion of sorts. The couple wasn’t broken up so much as on the outs after Liz found out through Sam that Franco may have given his adoptive brother a shove down the stairs when they were kids. Liz never took her ring off but she was hurt and told Franco not to come home.

As Kim had told Liz, people keep secrets. Liz herself has lied quite a bit in her past. I think Liz’s anger was about the embarrassment of having her nemesis know what was troubling Franco before she did. She didn’t understand why he didn’t tell her and she now has an explanation. When he was a child Harvey had convinced him that nobody would believe him and that stuck with him. Added to that is the fact that Franco doesn’t really want to face the truth – whatever that may be.

Franco tells Liz everything.

I really liked the scenes where Franco finally opened up to Liz about what he remembered, recalling his meltdown at Harvey’s hotel room. Franco had difficulty telling her – keeping his eyes shut most of the time – but knew he couldn’t keep this part of himself from her anymore. It was clear how haunted Franco was by the revelation that something very twisted happened to him when he was a child. Rebecca Herbst was brilliant in her reactions as the truth hit Liz hard and she became aware of what it was that Franco wasn’t able to remember.

There has been a strong hint that Harvey abused Franco and possibly Drew too. Though it hasn’t been revealed exactly what happened yet it’s obvious that both Liz and Drew suspect sexual abuse. While this is a pretty dark direction to take, I hope GH has the guts to really go there. The set up of this story was a bit weak to begin with plus it had months of little movement. The final reveal needs to be something impactful.

Harvey really wants to keep whatever he did swept under the rug which apparently meant not only getting rid of Franco and Drew but keeping Betsy under lock and key as well. Jordan and Curtis found Betsy but she refused to give them details saying she will only talk to her son. I’m curious to see what direction this will take. Betsy seems very fragile and insistent that she loves Franco. But she has also done nothing but manipulate him with her lies. She told him that he tried to kill Drew, letting him think that he was evil and playing into his own worst fears. And making him think that Drew never existed in the first place is a pretty messed up thing to do to a child. I’m skeptical that she’ll be able to offer Franco any sort absolution.


“We are finally becoming conscious of a vice that has been socially accepted and has insulted and humiliated millions of girls like me, for in every woman there is a girl.”-Salma Hayek

Something has felt a little not right about Dr. David Bensch ever since he took an interest in Kiki’s career aspirations. While there was nothing wrong with him wanting to mentor a promising student, his hot and cold behavior towards Kiki seemed to suggest ulterior motives. He was equal parts supportive and controlling, especially when it came to her former boyfriend Dillon.

Kiki releases her mentor is a creep.

Dr. Bensch finally crossed the line with Kiki when he gave her an extravagant gift, making it clear he expected something in return. Kiki’s instincts did kick in; she knew it was inappropriate for him to lavish her with presents and attempted to return the book he gave her. Instead she got an neck massage and told she was the one who’s behavior was wrong. Kiki looked like she was going to be sick when he touched her. As she looked at his many awards, it was clear that she was thinking about how highly respected he is at General Hospital and that she’s nobody in comparison. He helped her get on the fast track and now he can ruin her.

The parallels to the Harvey Weinstein scandal are not subtle. Sexual misconduct is a hot topic in America right now, particularly in the entertainment business. I’m glad that GH is tackling this topic as uncomfortable as it may be. I think Kiki is the right choice for this story line; Hayley Erin is doing great work with the material. I wonder how far Dr. Bensch will go and how Kiki will choose to handle the situation. Will she ignore it in hopes that he’ll grow bored and leave her alone? Will she report the incident to Human Resources? Will she sic her dangerous family on him? This story is already inspiring discussion and action. That’s what soaps used to do. It’s nice to see again.

Other random thoughts:

•I don’t think it’s necessary for Maxie and Lulu’s friendship to be on the outs in order for Maxie to build a connection with Peter. Maxie could still see him as neutral party to lend an ear without being angry at Lulu. GH doesn’t showcase enough female friendships to warrant ruining one of the few they have for something this contrived.

•I’m enjoying the romantic entanglement and connections between Andre, Anna, Finn, Alexis, Julian, Kim, Drew, etc. The set up is a great way to keep the true pairings longing for each other while introducing fun third, forth and fifth parties into the mix.

•I like Harrison Chase. Can he be Kiki’s new love interest? Please and thank you.

•Loved Griffin and Ava last week. She’s in love and ready to move full steam ahead while he’s not as ready to commit yet. I have a feeling co-habitating could prove to be difficult.

•It was nice seeing Brad again. I hope that at least some of his adoption story with Lucas gets to play out on screen. His random scenes with Nelle got me thinking their stories may possibly cross paths soon.

•Max Gail is doing terrific work as Mike. The Alzheimer’s story line is a great fit for the Corinthos clan.

•I’m all for Nelle terrorizing Carly but this plan of hers is a hot mess and Carly should be seeing right through it.

•What did they use as the fake cement when Drew and Franco were trapped in the basement? I have an odd need to know this.

•There was something delightful about watching soaked Franco and Drew lying on the dock giggling with their bellies exposed.

Line of the week:

“You know who could open this door? Jason could open this door. No problem man! He would just stare at it with his misty, pretty blue eyes and send it alternating ways of intensity and aloofness and the door would just kind of lose confidence and just fall open.”- Franco

Couples of the week:

Franco and Liz, Drew and Sam, Drew and Franco, Sam and Liz

Clip of the week:

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One thought on “General Hospital Weekly Diagnosis: This Isn’t Everything You Are

  1. Carol

    March 25, 2018 at 10:57am

    I felt the same need to know on the cement, or see-ment to quote Drew, myself! Maybe you’ll get a chance to get that answered. 🙂

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  2. Loveamystery

    March 25, 2018 at 4:25pm

    Your take is always a delightful read and happily I agree with almost completely. I’ve taken an interest in everything GH does lately which amuses and astonishes me. I love a good story but even more I love creative writing. They are getting creative and it’s finally fun to look forward to something more than just my favorites Franco and Liz. While I still hate the arrogance Sam uses when dealing with Liz I enjoyed her scenes with Drew. I’m looking forward to a Drew and Franco bonding. I love Maxie’s feeling toward Lulu and to be honest I’d probably feel the same way. Max Gail is amazing and while I’m not a fan of Sonny lately I can understand the fear but not the sharpness of responses to his father. Can Friz adopt him?

    Wonderful insights girl and thanks for the read.

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  3. Ann Marie

    March 27, 2018 at 2:24pm

    Too bad Jason and Ava can’t have a hot love affair. Why must everyone get along on this show. And still not enough Valerie Spencer. I really want to see Carly in shadybrook so bad. Where’s the troublemakers. Where’s the love affairs at.

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