General Hospital Weekly Diagnosis: We Can Be Heroes

This week I’m going to discuss last week’s General Hospital as well as touch a little bit on the week before. The truth about Franco and Drew’s tragic childhood was revealed, Mike’s Alzheimer story line shifted into a new direction, Dr. Bensch continued to manipulate the situation with Kiki and the search party for Henrik Faison continued to expand.

The last few years GH has been in a bit of a creative slump with perhaps it’s biggest issue being lack of solid payoff for its stories. While Ron Carlivati may have had his flaws when it came to characterization, he knew how to make a story go out with a bang. While his predecessors’ strengths were nice character driven moments, story arcs overall lacked oomph. Hopefully, the current regime will be able to give us the best of both styles. Here’s my thoughts on what I loved, and a little of what I didn’t, during the week of April 9, 2018.

All The Things I’ve Done

“When we think of the past it’s the beautiful things we pick out. We want to believe it was all like that.” – Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale 

Mike and Sonny discuss the past.

The story of Mike and his family’s struggles with Alzheimer’s has resonated with quite a few fans. Max Gail is really killing the material, making it easy to sympathize with Mike’s plight as well as connect to one’s own experiences with the disease. I hadn’t personally felt a story connection to it until recently when Michael attempted to record his grandfather’s memories. A confused Mike thought he was a young boy and that his parents were still alive. Sonny wasn’t sure how to react. This reminded me of the time when my grandmother took my sister and I to visit my great-grandmother. Great-grandmother had been living on her own up until she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she had to be placed in a living facility. When we got to her room, we found her curled up on her bed crying. She was upset because she didn’t want to go to school. She had dropped her book in the snow and was afraid she would be punished. My grandmother gently said to her, “Mom, your great-granddaughters are here to see you.” Great-grandmother immediately snapped back to the present and responded, “I don’t want them to see me like this.” When she joined us in the recreation room only a few minutes later, it was like nothing had happened. Sadly, this incident is what I remember most about my great-grandmother now.

I’m not sure why Sonny’s less than savory past has been now brought into this story. It seems to heightened Sonny’s concern over Mike’s situation which is kind of an awful reason for Sonny to panic. Yet, it’s a very Sonny thing to do too. Is this a mobster story now? Someone had pointed out to me that perhaps this was about establishing more of a connection between Sonny and Mike. Sonny isn’t sure how Mike knows about a murder he committed because Mike wasn’t there and he didn’t tell him about it. But maybe Mike was there, watching his son do this bad thing. I wonder whether this would be an opportunity for Sonny to reflect on how his choices could shape how his family will remember him. At the very least, it seems that Mike may not have been as absent of a father as believed to be. I’ll be interested to see where this story leads.

Wicked Game

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”- Winston Churchill

Kiki is not amused by Dr Bensch’s attempts to excuse his behavior.

Dr. Bensch is trying to turn things around on Kiki by making her look like she was the one that was in the wrong. When she invited him to Kelly’s to discuss what had transpired between them, she told him that she was not attracted to him and not going to take the internship. He responded by telling her she had lead him on and he had misread her but she wasn’t buying it. I think this meeting is going to get used against Kiki later when this turns into a he said, she said situation. Dr. Bensch kept Kiki’s voicemail in which she asks him to meet her to discuss what happened “last night”. I suspect he’s going to make it look like she was trying to sleep her way into the getting the internship. Later when Kiki returned to work, Francesca commented that she was lucky to get the internship. Unfortunately, a lot of times women are quick to judge each other and I wonder if Kiki will experience some slut-shaming from her peers. Many cases like this don’t get reported because women are afraid of what it will do to their reputations and careers. I hope Kiki discusses what happened with someone other than Dr. Bensch because trying to clear things up with him isn’t working.


“Giants are not as strong and powerful as they seem and sometimes the shepherd boy has a sling in his pocket.”- Malcolm Gladwell

The reveal that Jim Harvey molested Franco when he was a child and that Franco had accidentally pushed Drew down the stairs in an attempt to save him was something that had been all but said until last week. Kudos to the writers for not shying away from such difficult subject matter. I was a bit worried that this story would be watered-down into something meaningless. I liked that GH put a lot of focus on the emotional reactions to what happened rather than being dialog heavy. How the revelation made the characters feel was what was most important. Roger Howarth, Billy Miller, Rebecca Herbst, Jon Lindtrom, Greg Evigan and Deborah Strang all deserve praise. This story was intense to watch in a good way.

Drew has no regrets.

If you follow me on Twitter than you already know that I’m a big fan of Drew and Franco’s bromance and I’m intrigue to see what direction their relationship will take now. I feel like even though Drew might not remember specific details of his past, he is starting to remember some of what he felt before his memories were replaced with Jason’s. I think Drew saving Franco was about more than him just returning a favor. I think he not only wanted to kill Harvey the moment Betsy told him what happened but, though he may not remember, has wanted to kill him for a long time. Young Drew may have been aware of what was happening in his home, that Franco was protecting him and that he wasn’t able to do the same for him. It’s clear that he loved his brother and when someone does what Harvey did to someone you love you want to kill them. As a result, Drew grew up to become a Navy SEAL and someone who protects others. That’s my theory anyways.

The way Drew and Franco have softened towards each other reminds me of the film In Her Shoes, based on the book by Jennifer Weiner. “Look, sometimes feelings change especially when you start to understand someone even more. It’s a life lesson for you Jake. Just don’t judge someone until you walk in their shoes,” Drew told Jake when asked about Franco. In Her Shoes explores the relationship between two very different sisters, Rose and Maggie, and what it takes for them to heal their broken relationship. *If you haven’t watched the movie, I’m about to spoil it.* It’s revealed towards the end of the film that the sisters’ mother had mental illness and had committed suicide when they were girls. Maggie was unaware of this because Rose had sheltered her sister from their parents’ arguments by taking her to her room and playing music so she wouldn’t hear them. Maggie grew up thinking that that their mother had simply gotten in a car accident and was unaware of the family’s issues while Rose lived with the truth. Regardless of conflicts, it is normal for siblings to want to protect each other. So Franco protecting Drew seems like a very real thing for a brother to do. Sadly, Betsy should have been the one to protect both boys instead but she didn’t understand what was really causing Franco’s behavioral issues at the time.

The Not So Good Son

“Good guy or bad guy, hero or anti hero; doesn’t matter to me what role I play, only the character have something magical.”-Rutger Hauer

I’ve been pretty vocal about how I don’t like the Peter August story. For me, it’s currently the weakest part of GH. I’m not really keen on the idea of Anna and Faison having a child together so in order for the story to work for me, their son would need to be someone I care about and I don’t care about Peter. I’m still hoping for a twist. That being said, this story isn’t going away anytime soon so I hope that measures are taken to at least make it interesting.

Robert and Emma are back to help Anna.

Even though I’m not feeling the story, I do like that other characters have been added to it. Hopefully, this will give more opportunity to spice things up. I’m not liking the “is he evil, is he just misunderstood” angle with Peter because it just makes him Valentin 2.0. Speaking of which, I don’t understand Valentin’s role in all this. Why would he have any interest in Henrik? And he’s showing little remorse that Nina’s brother got caught in the crossfires. Maybe Valentin really is a super evil Cassadine after all. I can’t help but wonder what her reaction will be once the truth is discovered. Will she be the wounded innocent or the homicidal chick with a list? Meanwhile, Griffin has a test proving that Peter is really Faison’s son and has chosen to keep the information secret. Ava took a picture of the test and I’m curious what she’ll do with the information. I think it would be good soap if she thinks the test is Griffin’s and that he’s really Faison’s evil spawn. After all the guy won’t tell her he loves her. There’s got to be a something wrong with him right? I love that Ava and Jason are now in the same story line again. Can we get some more scenes between the two now that they’re both mask free? Please and thank you.

It’s really too soon to tell yet but I suspect adding Robert Scorpio to the mix will give this story a proper jolt. Robert is a great character. I love his interaction with Anna and his no-nonsense attitude towards “bargain basement thugs” is always welcome.

Other Random Thoughts:

✚ If it’s already been proved that the phone calls Carly received were real, why does everyone think she’s imagining things?

✚ I enjoyed Nelle getting jealous of Maxie. By the way, Nelle needs to learn to love herself more. Michael’s clearly just not that into her and I’m not sure why she’s still into him.

✚ I’m curious if we’ll see more interaction now between Maxie and Michael. Griffin wanting to protect Maxie is also interesting. I hope they keep Maxie’s options open and do some chem testing before rushing her into another romance.

✚ It’s been nice seeing more of Brad and I’m looking forward to having Lucas back. Hopefully, we’ll get to actually see a bit of their adoption story play out onscreen.

✚ The PT Sinclair book sounds awful.

✚ Kiki and Chase would be adorable. GH should chem test them. Their ship name is Chiki.

✚ I’m sure we’re suppose to think it’s cute that Carly knows what size clothing Jason wears and he doesn’t but it’s not.

Lines of the week:

“You’re not afraid to be weird.”-Alexis

“Go to sleep Bobby.”-Bobby

“I love you.”-Ava *pause* “I’ll see you tonight.”-Griffin

Couples of the week:

Drew and Franco, Anna and Jason, Maxie and Michael

Clip of the week:

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