General Hospital’s Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations Review

The Daytime Emmys Pre-Nominations were recently announced. Unsurprisingly, General Hospital has a large presence in all the acting categories! It’s no wonder, as the show has consistently sustained quality actors, and given them all significant storylines throughout 2017. While it is clear some plots resonate more with GH fans than others, the actors associated with the stories, whether our favorite storylines or those perceived as disappointing, gave it their all, engaging and allowing fans to love or hate with the passions generated by soap operas. Remembering there are three other soap operas represented in the complete lists of pre-noms, here’s my take on those associated with General Hospital.


(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Nancy Lee Grahn, as Alexis Davis

Kelly Monaco, as Sam McCall

Maura West, as Ava Jerome

Laura Wright, as Carly Corinthos

There is no denying the combined talent of the truly “outstanding” actresses listed above. Each one brings her all to the stories the writers’ pen. This is one of those moments where it can go either way, but I would certainly hope Maura West is recognized for her story of Ava Jerome’s search for outer beauty, as she discovers her inner beauty. Ava’s roller coaster ride to recovery, both physically and emotionally was portrayed in a way that the audience felt her pain and anguish. Despite knowing Ava’s part in Morgan’s untimely death, I find myself hoping she can regain partial custody of Avery — something I never thought would happen. While all the women listed above earned recognition, I would be sorely disappointed if West did not receive a nomination.


Michael Easton, as Hamilton Finn

Billy Miller, as Jason Morgan/Drew

Both Michael Easton and Billy Miller’s characters were charged with deeply emotional journeys in 2017. One who has to find a reason to live when losing his love and unborn child, without turning back to drugs. The other experiencing the ultimate definition of identity crisis. It’s easy to smile when the character, Finn, is on screen. Easton brings a tender vulnerability and light-hearted sarcasm to this character, no matter how low his circumstances become. Miller portrayed the discovery of the loss of his perceived identity with just the right touches of anger, fear, shock, and sadness. I would say, due to the complexity of the storyline given (recently), Miller edges out Easton — but I strongly believe both deserve nominations.


Lisa LoCicero, as Olivia Falconeri

Brava to Lisa LoCicero’s portrayal of quirky, dramatic, feisty, overly emotional, Olivia Falconeri Quartermaine! I hope she is recognized with a well-deserved nomination in the next stage of the Daytime Emmys. LoCicero is a joy to watch no matter who her scene partner is, and Olivia has created entertaining relationships with most in Port Charles.


(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Steve Burton, as Jason Morgan/Patient 6

Chad Duell, as Michael Corinthos

Wally Kurth, as Ned Quartermaine

Anthony Montgomery, as Dr Andre Maddox

James Patrick Stuart, as Valentin Cassadine

The category of Outstanding Supporting Actor is filled with GH stars. In fact, at least two of those listed above surprised me as I thought they would be in the Lead Actor category. All the actors in this category brought in high quality performances. Steve Burton’s exciting return to Port Charles, as Jason Morgan, should certainly maintain Emmy attention, as should Wally Kurth and James Patrick Stuart as their characters, Ned Quartermaine and Valentin Cassadine both demonstrated significant character evolution during 2017.


Hayley Erin, as Kiki Jerome

Chloe Lanier, as Nelle Benson

Eden McCoy, as Josslyn Jacks

The young actresses recognized with pre-noms from GH are all worthy honorees. GH has a history of giving quality storylines to their younger performers, without losing focus on veteran actors. In many cases, these younger actresses shared screen time, and storylines, with the most seasoned actors. The growth of character, Kiki Jerome, is impressive, and I am thrilled we will have another young doctor at our beloved General Hospital. I look forward to seeing more from the other two young women in the pre-nom list. There is definitely a spark in Eden McCoy, whose character, Josslyn, has a great deal of storyline potential — I hope the writers see this too.


Garren Stitt, as Oscar Nero

Hudson West, as Jake Webber

I hope we see more of Garren Stitt in upcoming storylines. We now know Oscar is the son of Drew, a Quartermaine, who is dating Joss, a member of the Corinthos clan. There is so much potential for this character and it appears Garren is giving it his all — meeting each phase of his character’s development.

The General Hospital pre-nominations list is extensive! All the actors were given well-deserved recognition. There are many outstanding actors and actresses from all the soap operas. The need to take the pre-nom step is understandable, enabling the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to honor those outstanding performers who may, or may not, make the final nominations selection. The list is impressive and I don’t envy those making the determination of who will receive Daytime Emmys nomination. We will all have to keep watch to see if our favorites make the final cut!


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