GH Time Capsule: Gail And Lee Baldwin Meet Serena

As in the real world, families on General Hospital aren’t always about blood relation and there’s no better example than the Baldwins. Scott Baldwin’s biological parents are Lloyd and Meg Bentley. After Lloyd passed away, Meg married Lee Baldwin who adopted Scott. Then when Meg died, Lee married Gail. So Gail and Lee Baldwin are Scott’s parents not by blood but by love and compassion.

Scott and his late wife Dominique had their daughter Serena via surrogate Lucy Coe. After Dominique’s death, Lucy adopted Serena and later another girl named Christina. More recently, Scott discovered Franco was his son with former lover Heather Webber. Franco will soon be married to Elizabeth Webber and will become stepfather of her three sons thus continuing the Baldwin legacy of choosing one’s own family.

Watch the touching Baldwin family moment between Lee, Gail and Scott as they welcome baby Serena.

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