New Week On General Hospital: April 30, 2018

Things aren’t going to well for House Corinthos. Carly’s sanity has been called into question thanks to Nelle’s scheming. Will the truth be discovered before things go too far? Meanwhile, Ava isn’t afraid to take whatever opportunity she can to regain custody of her daughter. Will Sonny have to chose between Mike or Avery? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

The situation with Avery’s custody is rather irksome to say the least. We all watched the early courtroom drama in which Ava, not Sonny, was awarded sole custody of her daughter. The poorly constructed story of Sonny and Carly blackmailing Ava with a sexy tape didn’t really change things in the minds of many viewers. Then apparently the courts granted Sonny custody in a very special episode of “General Offscreen”. It’s just not pleasant to watch a child being kept from her mother regardless of who her mother may be. While using the situation with Mike to her advantage seems a bit harsh, I’m glad to see a little of Ava’s ferocity back. When Ava was first introduced to the audience, her one vulnerability was always children. Remember how her demeanor soften towards Anna and Duke when she learned of the child they lost? This very humanizing part of Ava should never have been disregarded for the sake of plot. The fact that GH continues to write against this is tiresome.

When Avery’s paternity was originally called into question, there was something off about Carly’s behavior. Many suspected at the time that Carly may have switched the results somehow and Avery’s father is really Morgan. I would love if GH took the opportunity to stop torturing both Ava and the audience by revealing that Morgan is really Avery’s father and Sonny has not parental rights. The truth can come out while Nelle is gaslighting Carly. This would be great drama for Carly and Sonny’s marriage while giving Ava something to do other than being helpless. Let the femme fatale be a femme fatale.

  • Anna’s emotions are worked up.
  • Jason looks to form an alliance Lulu.
  • Curtis stumbles upon something of interest.
  • Nina remains unconvinced.
  • Peter is unfazed.
  • Lucy offers a welcome interruption.
  • Griffin confronts Ava regarding her choices.
  • Bobbie has her concerns.
  • Curtis looks to TJ for support.
  • Alexis and Finn have a candid conversation.
  • Chase respects Finn’s wishes.
  • Sonny avoids the real issue.
  • Anna is issued a warning.
  • Griffin is horrified.
  • Dr. Bensch takes a dismissive approach.
  • Anna has a surprise for Jason.
  • Maxie seeks out Peter.
  • Nina urges Curtis to continue his investigation.
  • Drew has words of encouragement to offer.
  • Franco faces his demons.
  • Carly receives an invitation.
  • Lulu is dishonest with Dante.
  • Maxie has a positive perspective on things.
  • Valentin plays peacemaker.

Up Next:

  • Jason runs into Drew.
  • Nelle makes her intentions clear to Ava.
  • Lucas is wary.

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One thought on “New Week On General Hospital: April 30, 2018

  1. Ann Marie

    April 27, 2018 at 11:22pm

    Morgan could still be the father and I bet the show would still find a way to keep Avery with Sonny and Carly.

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