Next Week On General Hospital: March 19, 2018

After a few tame months, General Hospital’s major story lines are upping the stakes as lives and hearts hang in the balance. You won’t want to miss next week. Be sure to watch every day and set your DVRs!

Franco and Drew have found themselves in a dangerous predicament thanks to Harvey. I’m really enjoying the banter between these two. Drew makes a good straight man to Franco’s wackiness and you can tell the actors enjoy working with each other from their chemistry. I suspect this experience coupled with whatever secret is hiding their past will bond them a bit. This “tale of a killer toddler” has been pretty lame but the actors are making the most of it. Last week, it seemed there were indications of physical and possible sexual abuse at the hands of Harvey. I hope the reveal is something that heavy because this story needs more than the weak set up it was given.

I like the idea of Sam and Liz coming to the guys’ rescue. Not only is it a rare moment of girl power for GH but it is realistic and relatable. While men being heroes is a classic trope, I think GH, and soaps in general really, forget that women are protective of their loved ones too. Sam and Liz just sharing scenes can be touchy for some viewers due to the out-of-hand online fan wars, but I think there is an interesting dynamic between them. Adding layers to their rescue mission is the fact that both their relationships took major blows prior to Franco and Drew’s disappearance. Liz learned about Franco’s secret and is still processing the fact that he not only kept his concerns from her but Sam knew before she did. Meanwhile, Sam finally admitted that she is in love with Jason and Drew, leaving her with a big decision to make and calling into question the solidity of her marriage. No doubt the urgency of the current situation will heighten emotions. I’m hoping in the end they are the ones who take down Harvey and save the day.

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  • Desperate to locate Franco and Drew, Elizabeth looks for answers.
  • Franco makes a confession.
  • Jason meets with Anna regarding Henrik.
  • Griffin makes a risky move.
  • In light of recent information, Ned feels compromised.
  • Griffin offers his advice.
  • Sam gets a break in the case.
  • Liz turns to Jordan for help.
  • Curtis gets a surprise.
  • Kiki’s gratitude may be short lived.
  • Drew’s instincts kick in as time runs out.
  • Jordan makes a unsettling discovery.
  • Ava wonders if Nelle is taking things too far.
  • Griffin accepts an offer from Ava.
  • Michael suffers a let down.
  • Franco has his doubts about his future.
  • Nelle grows more frustrated when things don’t go her way.
  • Carly is pleasantly surprised.
  • Alexis rushes to defend Finn.
  • Andre encourages Anna not to put her life on hold.
  • Sam wrestles with her conflicted feelings regarding Jason and Drew.
  • Nelle makes a bold move.
  • Jason meets with Spinelli.
  • Sonny blasts Andre.
  • Julian bumps into Alexis.

Up Next:

  • Sam has a moment with Jason.
  • Bobbie gives Maxie a pep talk.
  • Julian finds comfort from a friend.

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One thought on “Next Week On General Hospital: March 19, 2018

  1. Lucy DeMarco

    March 17, 2018 at 11:55pm

    Thanks Jenn. This are interesting. I also like the chem between Roger & Billy and makes up for the fact Billy & Mo have had NONE for the past several years. Hopefully this bonding will allow Franco to have actual “friends” in town.

    But doesn’t it seem like some of the spoilers were shown last week? Like they re-edited stuff? (They obviously did that with the Ava/Avery spoiler from last week). For instance, Liz already turned to Jordan for help. Just wondering

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