Next Week On General Hospital: December 18, 2017

Sam’s previous decision to stand by her husband wasn’t as simple as it seemed. For starters, which man she’s legally married to has come into question. Sam has some major decisions to make about her future and who she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Jason and Sam have kept each other at an arm’s length since his return to Port Charles. She doesn’t want to give up on Drew and the life they have just yet. At the same time, she feels a mountain of regret for the time she has lost, and continues to lose, with Jason. As for Jason, will he really nobly step aside and let Drew have Sam? Or will he make the move to try to rekindle the connection Sam and he once shared? Meanwhile, Drew is willing to fight for Sam but no doubt that could become challenging as more of his past comes to light. This triangle has the ingredients to be epic if mixed together right.

Jason, Sam and Drew aren’t the only ones with romantic woes. Griffin has fallen for Ava but his collar wasn’t the only thing to make their relationship forbidden. Ava’s beloved brother Julian is now a free man and the fact that Jules is responsible for Duke’s death is no longer “out of sight, out of mind”.  Nathan and Maxie’s expected bundle of joy will have both a little anxious. The audience already know Liesl lied about Nathan’s father being Victor Cassadine but it seemed like the real identity of his father would remain forever a mystery. Luckily, the mystery may be about to be solved.

The week of December 18, 2017 will start to answer some mysteries from the past that will either bring loved ones together or tear them apart. Remember to tune in daily and set your DVRs!

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

  • Jason speaks his mind.
  • Carly sympathizes for her friend.
  • Sam makes a defensive move.
  • Sonny and Jason discuss the potential scenarios.
  • Jordan and Anna exchange girl talk.
  • Drew and Jason strive to reach a common goal.
  • Drew’s fears are put at ease.
  • Griffin offers an apology.
  • Curtis consoles Jordan.
  • Alexis spends some time at the park with Danny.
  • The soon to be married Laura asks Lulu for a favor.
  • Alexis antagonizes her daughter.
  • Nelle catches a break.
  • Nathan confronts Obrecht regarding his parentage.
  • Felicia calms a worried Maxie.
  • Laura hopes for the best.
  • Jason pays his respect to someone of importance to him.
  • Franco receives a mysterious note.
  • Sam is in for a surprise.
  • Ned softens his views on the situation.
  • Michael shares his true feelings.
  • Carly devises a plan.
  • Laura gets a surprise.
  • Molly opens her home.
  • Griffin tolerates an awkward situation.

Up next:

  • Anna urges Finn to learn self-defense.
  • Obrecht confesses.
  • Lulu is thrilled about her future.

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