Next Week On General Hospital: February 12, 2018

Drew and Sam have decided to start digging into the past. Just who is Drew Cain? The couple hopes to find the answer to that question but sometimes things are best left forgotten.

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The much anticipated fallout to Jason’s return has been unfortunately moving along at a snail’s pace. Once Jason was revealed to be the real Jason, story should have hit the ground running. Instead, the much hyped Jason, Sam and Drew triangle along with the story of Drew and Franco’s childhood has been stuck on repeat with very little movement for months. It’s nice to see these stories finally picking up. Drew has decided that it’s no longer enough to just look to future, he needs to learn about his past in order to have anything real now. His adoptive brother Franco would much rather Drew not remember anything at all. I highly doubt that Franco actually did anything to Drew and even if he did, he was only a child at the time. Hopefully, the more Drew begins to question his past not only will the truth come out but we’ll gain some understanding to both men’s flaws.

On General Hospital for the week of February 12, 2018 look for the investigations to continue. Remember to tune in daily and set your DVRs!

  • Anna and Felicia commiserate.
  • Drew questions Franco about their past and his strange behavior.
  • Finn seeks out legal advice from a friend.
  • Oscar tries to get one over on Kim.
  • Julian throws someone a bone.
  • Michael takes Jason’s advise to heart.
  • Ava shows concern for a situation.
  • Jake puts Jason on the spot.
  • Jason puts Franco on notice.
  • Drew learns some new information.
  • Sam lets Jason have a piece of her mind.
  • Sonny and Carly reminisce about their past.
  • Ava looks forward to some quality time with Griffin.
  • Spinelli steps in to assist Kiki.
  • Curtis has a surprise for Jordan.
  • Nelle does some quick thinking.
  • Michael gets an unsettling phone call.
  • Anna visits to Andre in an attempt to gain more information.
  • The election has Alexis a ball of nerves.
  • Ava lashes out at Griffin.
  • Carly encourages Jason to find out everything he can.
  • Drew finds himself in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Diane relays a particularly bold announcement.
  • Ava cares for Kiki.
  • Sonny puts his faith in Griffin.

Up Next:

  • Jason is pitted against Drew.
  • Alexis ends up in a precarious position.
  • Sonny confides in Epiphany.

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