Next Week On General Hospital: February 19, 2018

Has the reading of Faison’s will started a civil war between Jason and Drew? Will the brothers have to duke it out to get to the truth? A possible battle royal has begun on General Hospital.

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The fallout for The Jasoning™ hasn’t sparked as must conflict as I had hoped for between the Quartermaine twins. It’s been way too polite with Jason graciously stepping aside and making Sam’s choice easier. The twist of having Faison offering what each man wants at the expense of the other could certainly ramp this triangle up.  This story should be a bitter rivalry between brothers with the woman they both love caught in the middle. Let’s hope we get a glimpse of that now.

On this week of General Hospital, things heat up when brother is pitted against brother. Remember to tune in daily and set your DVRs!

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

  • Jason and Drew are put at odds.
  • Anna visits a grief-stricken Maxie.
  • Peter has a change of plans.
  • Alexis is caught off guard.
  • Sonny shares his concerns with an old friend.
  • Molly lashes out.
  • Monica has a surprise for Michael.
  • Olivia stands in support of Ned.
  • Drew looks to Curtis for help with a sticky situation.
  • Kim steps in.
  • Alexis ends up in a unpredictable position.
  • Anna makes a promise.
  • Sam looks out for a friend.
  • Peter makes an appeal to Lulu.
  • Kim has a favor to ask.
  • Jason asks Peter for help.
  • Peter knows more than he lets on.
  • Ava’s gallery is under threat.
  • Nelle is ready to take the next step in her devious scheme.
  • Alexis meets with Brad.
  • Sonny confides in Epiphany.
  • Griffin pleads for help.
  • Franco meets with Kevin for another therapy session.
  • Anna and Finn have an awkward encounter.
  • Kiki gets the help she needs.

Up Next:

  • Ava gains confidence.
  • Dante worries about Peter’s intentions.
  • Jason runs into Sam.
  • Scott and Kevin put aside their differences.

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