Next Week On General Hospital: January 1, 2018

General Hospital is starting of the new year with danger, intrigue and romance. Things have been heating up between Anna and Finn. Will their pretend relationship blossom into something real? Neither Anna and Finn have been lucky in love, their past romances ending in tragedy. It’s refreshing to see both these characters having fun and enjoying each other’s company. I was initially unsure how the quirky doctor and the super spy would work together but they’ve won me over. Their current game of cat and mouse makes me think of the classic spy series The Avengers. Look for the duo to find themselves facing off with the bad guys as danger arrises.

The race for mayor is another enjoyable story line right now. It’s a great use of GH’s veteran cast while showcasing the younger generation. I can’t wait to see everyone battle it out. Laura Collins is a great character that has really become a strong female lead sans Luke. I think she could be a great mayor if she wins. I also like the sense of community this story has with the Charles Street issue. We have Ned and Laura leading the different perspectives on what should be done for this neighborhood while college students Molly and TJ dabble in activism. Speaking of Molly and TJ, I would love to see more them. Even though most of their time is spent off screen, I feel like the characters are fleshed out and the actors are very likable. It would be easy to get fans onboard with a number of potential stories for them.

The week of January 1, 2018 will have a begin the year with plenty of politics, adventure and soapy drama. Change can be a very good thing, even if you have to use the past to do it. Remember to tune in daily and set your DVRs!

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General Hospital will be pre-empted for the holidays on Monday, January 1, 2018.

  • Anna is caught in a bind.
  • Nina’s anxiety continues to grow.
  • Sam is caught of guard by an interruption.
  • Jason confronts Carly about her matchmaking scheme.
  • Griffin reaches out to Ava.
  • Jordan tracks down Anna.
  • In light of recent occurances, Franco’s confusion snowballs.
  • Michael and Ned have an important meeting.
  • Julian makes an emotional plea to Olivia.
  • Molly leans on Alexis for some much needed assistance.
  • Anna pays a visit to the ICU.
  • Amy has news for Nathan regarding his paternity.
  • Lulu’s investigation attempts lead to a dead end.
  • Jason calls on Spinelli for help.
  • Maxie overshares with Obrecht.
  • Nathan jumps to conclusions.
  • Carly may be forced to face the music.
  • Nelle has first day jitters at her new job.
  • Kiki prods Griffin for answers.
  • Ava shrugs off her insecurities.

Up Next:

  • Franco tries to reconcile his past.
  • Oscar looks to Drew for guidance.
  • Maxie is plagued by a nightmare.

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  1. Ash

    December 30, 2017 at 10:48am

    Thank for the spoilers. I wish he had some Elizabeth ones though. It’s nice to see Molly there and not so much Sam ans Sonny.

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