Next Week On General Hospital: January 8, 2018

Something wicked this way comes to Port Charles. The audience has long know that Victor Cassadine isn’t Nathan’s real father but he’s just learning the truth. Why would Liesl hide this information from Nathan? Who could possibly be worst than Victor Cassadine? Nathan might need to know who his father is for the sake of his unborn child but he may want to be careful what he wishes for.

The name Faison has been thrown around a lot lately in Port Charles. The villain obviously had a hand in the Jasoning, after all he is the one who shot Jason and kicked him into the harbor those years ago, but what interest would he have in Jason or Drew? I suspect that he was merely following orders and there is a league of evil doers working towards a common goal. My money is still on Helena Cassadine being the queen in charge of this bizarre game. Why she or anyone else would have an interest in hiding Jason’s twin and then switching him out for the real thing years later is the big mystery. Was this all simply part of a strange experiment? Or is there more to the story? I’m hoping for a shocking twist or two.

The week of January 8, 2018 will bring some surprises as the shocking past comes to light. Remember to tune in daily and set your DVRs!

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  • Anna is in for a shock.
  • Jordan offers a needed alleviation.
  • Nathan has a candid discussion with Dante.
  • Maxie turns to Lulu for assistance.
  • Oscar and Josslyn have a disagreement.
  • Sam recoils.
  • Something gets a reaction from Alexis.
  • Carly pushes back.
  • Molly calls her mom out.
  • Michael accepts Nelle’s decision.
  • Franco makes attempts to put the pieces of the past together.
  • Laura shares her news with Kevin.
  • Ned is optimistic regarding the mayorial race.
  • Valentin gets a surprise visitor.
  • Anna stumbles upon evidence that supports her theory.
  • Sam is clear about her intentions.
  • Nathan’s actions anger Dante.
  • Maxie has a horrifying nightmare.
  • Lulu let’s the cat out of the bag.
  • Sonny marks his territory.
  • Jason makes good on a promise.
  • Oscar looks for guidance from Drew.
  • Carly agrees to a compromise.
  • Spinelli makes progress in his investigation.
  • Kim makes a new friend.

Up next:

  • Sonny receives a mysterious text message.
  • Maxie tries not to worry.
  • Jason closes in on the truth.

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