Next Week On General Hospital: April 1, 2019

General Hospital celebrates its anniversary with a special episode on Tuesday! Gail’s friends and family gather for the continued reading of her will. Look for GH to take a walk down memory lane, honoring Gail’s portrayer the late Susan Brown as well as many others who have been an integral part of the longest running soap opera. Remember to watch GH daily and set your DVRs!

I love that GH will be celebrating its anniversary by focusing on the show’s heart and soul, the hospital. Perhaps since the point of a hospital is to save lives, when GH focuses on General Hospital there’s a sense of hope that is all to often missing from the series. I’m looking forward to seeing former sweethearts Laura and Scotty reminisce, the return of Lesley and should-be leading lady Elizabeth interacting with other important members of the hospital.


  • Valentin continues to manipulate the situation by lying.
  • Franco is confrontational with Kevin.
  • Lucy offers her moral support.
  • Laura confides in Alexis.
  • Carly is in for a shock.


  • Scott receives a heartfelt message.
  • Franco’s curiosity is piqued.
  • Bobbie and Felicia hug it out.
  • Epiphany interrupts.
  • Monica is called back to work.


  • Sam steals a moment alone with Jason.
  • Kristina crosses a line that she shouldn’t.
  • Michael needs Sonny.
  • Cameron and Joss have breakfast.
  • Elizabeth looks to Bobbie for advice.


  • Josslyn places a call to Carly.
  • Kim receives bad news.
  • Laura is startled.
  • Jordan has important information.
  • Curtis has dinner with Stella.


  • Maxie struggles with her feelings.
  • Anna gives Peter some sound advice.
  • Willow is put on notice.
  • Finn is ready to take the next step.
  • Lucy helps out a friend.

Up Next:

  • Alexis confides in Neil.
  • Chase attempts to lift Willow’s spirits.
  • Monica gives Drew an update on Oscar.
  • Finn offers his expertise.

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