Next Week On General Hospital: April 13, 2020

While Finn plans a big birthday bash for Violet, Peter continues to manipulate those around him. Could Peter’s lies and manipulations put a damper on Violet’s big day? Or will Maxie’s visit with Liesl finally cause her to suspect that she’s sleeping with the enemy? Be sure to watch General Hospital daily and set you DVRs!

I don’t think I’m the only one who is ready for the Peter August saga to be done and over. Not only was Anna’s history ruined for this story but there has been very little movement for years. It should be a simple fix to say that Peter is not really Anna’s son and reveal his treachery. This is something that could be easily wrapped up in one or two episodes. Yet, the story continues much to the audience’s chagrin. At this point this isn’t a story that viewers need or want a big payoff for. We just want it to end.


  • Peter wishes that Robert’s attention was elsewhere.
  • Maxie pays Dr. Obrecht a visit.
  • Jax has a surprise for Nina.
  • Laura intercepts a message meant for Lulu.
  • Valentin turns things in his favor.


  • Michael feels intimidated.
  • Willow turns to Chase for comfort.
  • Nelle runs into Valentin.
  • Finn plans an epic birthday party for Violet.
  • Peter continues his manipulation of Maxie.


  • Nicolas and Sonny face-off.
  • Jason steals time with Sam.
  • Willow can’t stop worrying about Wiley.


  • Finn outdoes himself with Violet’s party.
  • Violet’s big day is full of mischief and emotion.

*Flashback Friday Episode*
Up Next:

  • Valentin is struck by Charlotte’s behavior.
  • Sonny misses his meeting with Cyrus.
  • Elizabeth wants what’s best for her son.
  • Lulu gets a surprising phone call.

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