Next Week On General Hospital: April 15, 2019

The families of Port Charles have a lot on their plates right now as parents try their best to protect their kids. Jason and Sam continue to work to keep Shiloh away from Kristina while her parents try to understand what has happened. Meanwhile, Cameron and Franco have differing opinions on how to deal with Aiden’s bullying. Will Liz be able to get Cameron to understand his actions have consequences? Will Franco have the right solution? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!


  • Sam uses her detective skills to work Shiloh.
  • Michael puts two and two together.
  • Franco and Cam clash over family matters.
  • Valentin turns to Nora for assistance.
  • Spencer’s plan backfires.


  • Jason learns of Brad’s allegiance to Dawn of Day.
  • Sonny and Margaux have a differing of opinions.
  • Michael shows compassion.
  • Finn and Chase meet up.
  • Franco talks things out with Nina.


  • Sonny advises Jason to use caution.
  • Alexis learns that Kristina got help from Julian.
  • Carly is moved to tears.
  • Olivia gets the Quartermaine mansion ready for a house guest.
  • Anna weighs her options.


  • Jordan has something to share with Franco.
  • Ava asks Scott help with her plan.
  • Laura focuses on what is important.
  • Curtis gets a lead in his investigation.
  • Sasha and Michael grow closer.


  • Kevin gets a warm invitation.
  • Ava gets rejected.
  • Shiloh has a confrontation with Jason.
  • Molly grows concerned that Kristina may be missing.
  • Carly introduces herself to Sasha.

UP Next:

  • Curtis sets his sights on Canada.
  • Jason and Sonny debate their next moves.
  • Oscar asks Cameron for a favor.
  • Margaux makes a confession.

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One thought on “Next Week On General Hospital: April 15, 2019

  1. Charlene Wright

    April 16, 2019 at 5:40am

    Hulu got really lucky, I almost cancelled my subscription because gh wasn’t on. Then I remembered the fire. Yes I only have Hulu for general hospital after I watch it, I turn it off. If GH wasn’t on it, I wouldn’t want it.

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