Next Week On General Hospital: April 16, 2018

Anna and Jason’s European adventure has gotten more interesting with the addition of their old lovers. Will the search for Henrik have Sam longing for her danger junkie days with Jason? Will Robert help Anna discover the answers she’s seeking? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

The story regarding Anna’s mysterious son with Faison is beginning to encompass most of the canvas. It now involves: Anna, Jason, Sam, Robert, Finn, Griffin, Ava, Lulu, Maxie, Emma, Sonny, Spinelli, Curtis, Nina, Valentin and Peter. Though this isn’t my favorite story on right now, kudos to the writers for making it a solid umbrella story. The idea of Anna and Faison having a child and her abandoning the baby kind of messes with her heroine status a bit too much for me. Making Anna’s son someone I have yet to care about doesn’t help either. Another big issue I have with this story is that it feels like too many of the characters involved have been dumbed down. Why hasn’t super spy Anna or uber hitman Jason become even a little bit suspicious of Peter yet? Peter isn’t that slick. His shifty eyes should at least make more people question his reliability. The only one who suspects there is something off about the guy is Nina and the only one who knows Peter is really Henrik is Griffin. I feel like Griffin not sharing what he knows right away is going to come back to bite him. Ava has seen the test results proving Peter is Faison’s son but she doesn’t know who the test is for. What if she thinks it’s Griffin’s test and he’s Henrik? That would be an interesting twist and a reason to send those searching for Henrik in the wrong direction.

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  • Carly has a confrontation.
  • Nelle plays mind games with Ava.
  • Jason advances with caution.
  • Griffin questions Finn regarding Anna.
  • Kiki expresses her doubts.
  • Dante continues to offer his support.
  • Lulu gets an new idea for an article.
  • Spinelli finds himself in a bit of a bind.
  • Alexis is in for a surprise.
  • Kim makes her intentions crystal clear.
  • Anna carries on despite striking out.
  • Maxie ambushes Nina.
  • Elizabeth offers inspiring words.
  • Kiki bumps into Molly.
  • Jordan follows a lead.
  • Chase catches Sonny off-guard.
  • Griffin is unsuccessful.
  • Liz sympathizes with Franco’s possible triggers.
  • Joss feels overwhelmed.
  • Griffin offers Ava some comfort.
  • Carly is at her wit’s end.
  • Sonny receives a welcome phone call.
  • Lulu has an update for Peter.
  • Jason sees the truth.

Up Next:

  • Ava meets with Scott.
  • Diane doesn’t have the best news.
  • Julian runs into Lucas.

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