Next Week On General Hospital: April 20, 2020

After Violet’s birthday party, Valentin may have some concerns about his daughter. Will he address Charlotte’s rebellious behavior before the situation gets too out of hand? Or will Charlotte continue with her revenge on Ava? Here’s hoping we see more of the Cassadines vs. the faux Cassadines. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set you DVRs!

Nik’s return to Port Charles set up what promised to be an interesting rivalry with Valentin that unfortunately was quickly pushed aside for other less entertaining options. Charlotte targeting Ava once again gives me hope that this story will pick back up. I want to see NIk and Ava enjoying their lavish lifestyle with Valentin plotting to take it all away. If I wrote GH, Valentin would seduce Lulu as part of his revenge and Spencer’s return would add to the family quirrel.

The quad set between Ava, Nik, Liz and Franco could have been fun but I’m ready for the story to be scrapped at this point. It’s not only poorly paced but it’s not properly thought out. The Cassadines plotting to use the Webber-Baldwins while at the same time trying to mend and maintain their friendships makes for very inconsistent writing.

What exactly are Nik and Ava’s motivations for targeting their friends? It seems like a lot of work when there are easier options available. Ava is a smart woman. If she wanted to get Nik to cheat, why would she choose the sweet, family-oriented nurse to tempt him when “Hook Lynn” is available? And does Nik really want Franco to bang his wife? He seems more jealous of Franco than anything else.

This story has not only become a bad look for Nik and Ava but its use of popular couple Franco and Liz in supporting roles is unnecessarily relying on rewrites and story that the audience never watched. The only thing undoing the fact that Franco is a successful artist and financially sound does is send the message that the wealthy will use the working-class for their own financial gain. Is it really a good idea to add that kind of a political statement to a story during these uncertain times? Also, Ava has always been a little playful with Franco but their romance happened many years ago off screen. The reason Liz and Franco and their family have a devoted fan following is because they provide hope. They should be given a heroic story of their own.


  • Sonny is caught off guard.
  • Michael is reluctant to leave Wiley’s side.
  • Robert shares somber news.
  • Nikolas shows his support for Ava.
  • Valentin is taken aback by Charlotte’s misbehavior.


  • Sonny misses his meeting with Cyrus.
  • Julian catches the attention of an unwelcome source.
  • Valentin is thrown for a loop.
  • Laura tries to reason with Lulu.
  • Jason makes a gut wrenching decision.


  • Willow is devastated again.
  • Nina learns a little more about Nelle.
  • Sam apologizes to Alexis for sending her over the edge.
  • Elizabeth wants what’s best for her son.
  • Sonny weighs his options.


  • Sonny confides in Jason.
  • Sam crosses paths with Brando.
  • Jordan contemplates resigning from her job.
  • Lulu gets a surprising phone call.
  • Alexis’ day goes from bad to worse.

*Flashback Episode*

Up Next:

  • Sonny and Jason meet with Cyrus.
  • Valentin gets an interesting proposition.
  • Cameron & Trina attempt to move forward.
  • Molly decides not to tell the truth.

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One thought on “Next Week On General Hospital: April 20, 2020

  1. Sab

    April 18, 2020 at 10:23am

    I agree with your comment about the rivalry between nik and Valentin. It was pushed aside too quickly, that SL would have been exciting and interesting. Instead they missed the point by trying to have Valentin steal shares of ELQ. I hope they go back to nik and Valentin, they work good together.

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    • Ms J

      April 19, 2020 at 9:55pm

      I hope Chase and Willow get married also Saha and Michael. What happened with Sasha is in the past. What they do in u he future is what’s important. A fake marriage between Michael and Willow is not the way. Diane the Lawyer can show a loving couple make a loving home to raise a child.

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  2. Cherie Harris

    April 20, 2020 at 10:02pm

    Anna is too thin. Her weight makes her look older. She also doesn’t look heathly

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