Next Week On General Hospital: April 22, 2019

The hunt for Ryan continues next week! The serial killer may be assumed dead by the authorities but the residents of Port Charles know a thing or two about returns from the dead. Look for Ava to continue to find the perfect man to play house with. Will she be able to provoke Ryan’s jealousy enough to lure him out of hiding? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I like seeing Felicia, Laura and Ava working together to bring Ryan down. I hope that this develops an interesting friendship between the three blondes. But this plan could also get really messy. What if Ryan doesn’t instantly reveal himself and Ava’s fake relationship carries on longer than intended? Or the plot backfires and someone gets hurt? It’ll be interesting to see what direction this story takes.


  • Kevin recieves a warm invitation.
  • Ava’s suggestion is rejected.
  • Shiloh confronts Jason regarding Kristina’s disappearance.
  • Molly grows concerned that Kristina may be missing.
  • Carly introduces herself to Sasha.


  • Alexis does something careless.
  • Chase may be onto something.
  • Ava fails again.
  • Curtis sets his sights on Canada.
  • TJ confronts Jordan.


  • Neil offers Alexis some comfort.
  • Sam is interrupted.
  • Jason and Sonny debate their next moves.
  • Willow tells a lie.
  • Julian grows suspicious.


  • Lulu is eager to do what she can.
  • Mac is livid.
  • Joss tears into Cameron.
  • Carly leans on Bobbie for support.
  • Robert has some questions for Finn.


  • Nina is shocked.
  • Lulu surprises Peter.
  • Sonny tries his best to keep Carly distracted.
  • Jason pays Oscar a visit.
  • Oscar asks Cameron for a favor.

Up Next:

  • Margaux makes a confession.
  • Ava receives a suspicious phone call.
  • Franco and Cameron make amends.
  • Sam tells Jason about Shiloh’s visit.

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