Next Week On General Hospital: April 27, 2020

Are Chase and Sasha ready to face the fallout of their scheme? The duo hopes that they’ve succeeded in pushing Willow into marriage with Michael. While their friends seem unaware that this affair is all a lie, look for other Port Charles’ residents to catch on a little quicker. Will Chase and Sasha’s plan work? Or will all the heartbreak they’ve caused be for nothing? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

GH’s attempt to showcase a young quad of twentysomethings has unfortunately fallen flat. It is as if the creative team at ABC’s lone soap have made the mistake of thinking that sexy is all visual appeal and youth. To quote actor Frank Langella, “Intelligence is enormously sexy.” Michael, Chase, Sasha and Willow all look like complete idiots. Not a single one of them is desirable or even likable right now.

This story in itself is very unorganized. It’s clearing attempting to make nods to GH’s history, specifically combining the “mixed marrieds” story with Ned, Alexis, Jax and Chloe with the story of AJ and Carly’s marriage. While that may seem like a good idea in theory, the execution is ungood. For starters, the idea of Michael needing to find the perfect wifey in order to maintain custody of Wiley isn’t particularly modern. It doesn’t exactly scream youthfulness. Also, the idea that Willow would be more appealing to a judge than Sasha doesn’t hold any logic. Willow’s past is just as checkered if not more so than Sasha’s.

Michael is a successful businessman from two prominent families and a grown adult. He can date or marry whoever he wants. His friends and family shouldn’t be making these decisions for him. His inability to fight his own battles doesn’t exactly make for an attractive romantic lead. Chad Duell is an Emmy winning actor and he won his Emmy by playing anger and conflict. This story would play much better if it were just Michael vs. Nelle. The added element of a fake marriage is not needed.

Willow is the only one of the group that I can sympathize with just a little bit. Chase is supposed to be a good guy and, while that certainly doesn’t mean that he’ll never make a mistake, what he’s done to the woman he’s supposed to love was unnecessarily cruel. He didn’t respect her choice, putting his bitterness towards Janelle above Willow’s needs. In my opinion, it’s unforgivable but we’ll see how things play out.

The fourth member of this quad is sadly just sort of there and used mostly as a prop. Things were looking good for Sasha. She’s dating a rich, handsome man and starting out an exciting new career in the fashion magazine industry. She should be a savvy career gal. This quad does nothing but take the character backwards. Why would any woman want their boyfriend to get married to another woman? Vogue Magazine would advise against something like that! Like the rest of this story, it doesn’t make sense.


  • Sonny and Jason look to resolved their mob war.
  • Molly makes a confession to her sisters.
  • Jordan contemplates stepping down from her duties.
  • Lulu gets a surprising phone call.
  • Alexis’ day goes from bad to worse.


  • Sonny and Jason meet with Cyrus.
  • Molly confides in Kristina about her one night stand and the state of her relationship with TJ.
  • Laura offers Lulu reassurance.
  • Nina has a heartfelt discussion with her boyfriend.
  • Valentin gets an interesting proposition.


  • Lulu rushes to Crimson.
  • Carly comforts a broken-hearted Michael.
  • Finn sees through Chase’s lie.
  • Sam gets under Brando’s skin.
  • Molly decides not to tell the truth.


  • Cameron & Trina attempt to move forward despite their growing feelings.
  • Dev becomes suspicious.
  • Chase argues with Willow.
  • Sonny tells Brando his presence is no longer needed in PC.
  • Carly has Sasha’s number.

*Flashback Friday Episode*

Up Next:

  • Julian grows angry with Neil.
  • Liz is protective of Franco.
  • Michael makes a life changing decision.
  • Brook Lynn manages to get herself in trouble again.

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  1. cooks7570

    April 25, 2020 at 2:25pm

    Why isn’t Nelle part of this storyline too? It just seems GH has a problem with birthmothers.

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