Next Week On General Hospital: April 29, 2019

Family and friends gather to support each other as Oscar’s condition continues to decline. Drew and Kim struggle with how to handle the loss of their son. While Drew gets needed friendship from his illegally adopted brother Franco, Kim is grateful to have Julian. Josslyn remains hopeful for a miracle but will one come? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Oscar’s story has been a bit hit or miss for viewers. For me, the poor pacing and inconsistent storytelling has turned what could have been a great story about love and loss into a story I just want to end. I wanted the focus to be on Kim and Drew’s choices as they dealt with the impending death of their son. I wanted it to bring them closer to Franco and Liz, bonding the foursome as friends. While we got tiny glimpses of that, mostly we just watched the same conversations over and over and over.

To add to the unevenness, the writers didn’t seem to have a solid plan about what role the teens would be playing. Last summer, Oscar was the rebellious, angry teen who bullied Cameron and was mean to Joss. Now, he’s the sweet, sensitive teen who just wants everyone to be happy. This weak characterisation only highlighted that this story shouldn’t have been about Oscar but about the well-developed characters surrounding him.

Some have compared Joss and Oscar to Robin and Stone but the only similarity between these stories is that a teen is dying. Stone and Robin’s story was done during an era where AIDS had become epidemic. Loving someone could truly become life or death. We had watched Robin since she was a child and Stone was her sweet, hunky boyfriend. That’s not what Joss and Oscar’s story is at all. The romance many viewers are actually rooting for is Joss and Cameron. We can’t get that until Oscar’s out of the picture.


  • Shiloh makes a demand for answers.
  • Sonny grows alarmed.
  • Margaux makes a confession.
  • Curtis gets a lead as to Ryan’s whereabouts.
  • Lucy is horrified.


  • Alexis meets with Neil.
  • Sam grows more determined to finish what she started.
  • Ava receives a suspicious phone call.
  • Finn has a theory.
  • Franco pays Drew a brotherly visit.


  • Liz checks in with Terry.
  • Trina offers her help to Cameron.
  • Kim is happy to hear from Julian.
  • Olivia recollects the past.
  • Ned checks on Monica.


  • Sam is distracted.
  • Shiloh pays Willow a visit.
  • Chase has a confrontation with Michael.
  • Carly shares her appreciation with Elizabeth.
  • Franco and Cameron make peace.


  • Sam fills Jason in regarding Shiloh’s visit.
  • Kristina shares a laugh with an old friend.
  • Alexis manages to sneak past Valerie.
  • Drew offers to assist.
  • Julian bumps into Willow.

Up Next:

  • Lucy has her sights set on Kevin.
  • Anna struggles to reconcile what she knows
  • Sonny and Mike bond over family.
  • Ava and Kevin make their presence known.

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  1. cooks7570

    April 28, 2019 at 10:43pm

    I wonder if we will ever get a Cam and Spencer scene.

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