Next Week On General Hospital: April 4, 2018

Now that Griffin knows about Peter August’s father, what will he do with the information? Meanwhile, Jason and Anna are also closing in on the truth. The jig could be up for Henrik sooner rather than later. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I feel like I should love Peter August more than I do. He has a messy history tying him to GH’s legacy as well as its most popular characters. Despite the ick factor of his parentage, this should be an entertaining role. Alas, he’s not the trickster his father was or as sexy as his mother. While thanks to Griffin we know that Peter is in fact Faison’s son, I’m praying for an unexpected twist.

GH didn’t need a new character to tell this story; it could have utilized the great cast it already had. I’ve seen fans online argue that this story really belonged to Griffin. His parentage has always been a little in question and there have been multiple hints that he could possibly be Anna’s son. Griffin’s knowledge of the identity of Peter’s father coupled with his guilt over his past actions regarding Nathan could lead him to wanting to protect Maxie. His renewed interest in Maxie could put strain on his relationship with Ava and later he can discover that he’s the true son in question instead of Peter. Plus if they must have the father of Anna’s son be Faison, having their baby be a former priest would be an interesting twist. Spinelli is another character that GH could have used for the story instead. He was raised by his grandmother and never knew his parents so there is a gap in his history that the writers could have utilized for an effective retcon. Spin is a weird enough character to pull this off too. His quirkiness, knack for quick-thinking and love of investigation would be a believable combination of Faison and Anna’s traits. It would also mean that Nathan was his brother and they both loved Maxie. That would be soapy.

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  • The concerns of others make Maxie feel smothered.
  • Lulu gets the encouragement she needs to take next steps.
  • Spinelli prepares to leave Port Charles.
  • Alexis offers cautionary advise.
  • Finn expresses disinterest.
  • Peter manipulates a situation to his advantage.
  • Griffin is conflicted about whether to hold onto the truth or not.
  • Elizabeth has Jason worried.
  • Nina leans on Curtis for advice.
  • Nathan is honored for his heroism.
  • Peters is adamant about finding answers.
  • Anna gets a bit of assistant from an old friend.
  • Michael works to preserve his family’s legacy.
  • Carly and Bobbie reminisce about their lives.
  • Ava can’t seem to help herself.
  • Something leaves Franco terribly shaken.
  • Elizabeth and Jake inadvertently put themselves in a dangerous situation.
  • Drew shows his softer side.
  • Kiki attempts to clear up a misunderstanding regarding the situation with Dr. Bensch.
  • Julian and Kim share a moment.
  • Carly confronts Jason about what is really going on.
  • Kevin would rather be safe than sorry.
  • Drew is unnerved.
  • Sonny is left unsettled by the situation.
  • Nelle’s plan to sabotage Carly goes into full swing.

Up Next:

  • Carly is forced to come clean.
  • Sonny worries his past will come back to haunt him.
  • Drew takes matters into his own hands.

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