Next Week On General Hospital: April 5, 2021

Alexis is ready to pay the price for her reckless behavior. Will her time behind bars give her needed self-reflection? Look for Alexis to gain some perspective on how she went from successful legal eagle to jailbird in a special episode all about her. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set you DVRs!


  • Ava and Nikolas are put on notice.
  • Laura refuses to accept Cyrus’s deal.
  • Brando comes clean to Sasha.
  • Brook Lynn tries to reunite Ned and Olivia.
  • Chase tells Willow she changed his mind.


  • Sasha interrupts an intimate moment.
  • Valentin is surprised by what he sees.
  • Nikolas clashes with Cyrus.
  • Ava receives an ominous package.
  • Sam steps in to help with Alexis’ personal affairs.


  • Anna calms an anxious Valentin.
  • Brook Lynn has to improvise.
  • Cyrus and Nikolas talk frankly.
  • Alexis gets the support she needs.
  • Finn and Chase run into Gregory at GH.


  • Alexis is introspective as she contemplates how she got here.
  • Sam offers her support.
  • Kevin shares his perspective.
  • Valentin points out the silver lining.
  • Olivia says what’s on her mind.


  • Ava tries to change Nikolas’ mind.
  • Joss confides in her dad.
  • Laura gets a surprise visit from Scott.
  • Carly visits Jason.
  • Peter makes Anna and Valentin an offer.

Up Next:

  • Curtis and Jordan come to terms with the future of their relationship.
  • Brook Lynn finds Olivia to be overbearing.
  • Sonny fishes for more details.
  • Alexis opens up to Maggie.

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