Next Week On General Hospital: April 8, 2019

Shiloh’s plan to ensnare Krissy further into Dawn of Day goes into overdrive next week! While she prepares to fully commit to the cult, her family is frantic to save her. Unbeknownst to everyone, Kristina has handed Shiloh the ammunition he needs in the form of a family secret. Sam may have bitten off more than she can chew in her quest to protect her sister. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!


  • Chase issues Shiloh a warning.
  • Kristina makes plans with Daisy that could draw her deeper into the cult.
  • Alexis confides in Neil.
  • Finn is interrupted before he can pop the question.
  • Lulu makes an announcement.


  • Michael is left shaken.
  • Jason has to act quickly to protect a loved one.
  • Neil offers words of caution.
  • Ava challenges Carly.
  • Chase attempts to help Willow find happiness.


  • Harmony issues a distress call.
  • Alexis is eager to speak to Sonny regarding the situation with their daughter.
  • Anna is an emotional wreck.
  • Maxie shows reluctance.
  • Willow finally feels safe.


  • When confronted, Alexis feigns ignorance.
  • Molly asks Sam for the truth.
  • Michael leans on Chase for help.
  • Monica gives Drew an update on Oscar’s condition.
  • Carly keeps vigil.


  • Finn offers up his expertise.
  • Valentin crosses with his nemesis Spencer.
  • Laura softens towards Kevin.
  • Ava stands her ground.
  • Robert suspects something isn’t as it seems.

Up Next:

  • Jason learns of Brad’s allegiance to Dawn of Day.
  • Olivia gets the Quartermaine mansion ready for a guest.
  • Jordan meets with Franco.
  • Molly grows concerned that Kristina may be missing.

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