Next Week On General Hospital: August 10, 2020

Nik and Ava continue with their plans to get one another into someone else’s bed. The couple may not be as sly as they think and their odd behavior won’t go unnoticed. Franco is not amused by Nik’s aggression. Will Liz continue to defend her friend? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I don’t really have much to say about the first week of new GH episodes. The stories picked right back up where they left off and it’s really hard to say at this point if that was a good idea or not. Perhaps once the Nurses Ball plays, the creative team at GH will feel more inclined to start cutting some losses.

I do think the next few weeks of GH seem to have a bit more excitement to them than the premiere week did. We’ll see more Cassadines, Quartermaines and hospital characters which is a much welcome treat.


  • Willow gets an unexpected visitor.
  • Ava runs into Julian at the Metro Court.
  • Sam has her suspicions about Brando.
  • Lulu has a confrontation with Cyrus.
  • Franco doesn’t find Nikolas’ behavior very princely.


  • Sam is cautiously optimistic that her luck may change.
  • Ned calls an emergency meeting regarding ELQ.
  • Jordan withholds the truth from TJ.
  • Lucy accosts Cyrus.
  • Curtis is feeling confrontational.


  • Nina’s boyfriend offers words of encouragement to her.
  • Lucy makes a surprise announcement.
  • Brook Lynn’s actions disappoint Ned.
  • Sam gets good news.
  • Sonny looks to Felix for support.


  • Carly feels positive about a situation.
  • Sam gets terrible news.
  • Lulu asks for a favor.
  • Franco and Elizabeth have conflicting views.
  • Olivia attempts to smooth things over between Ned and Brook Lynn.


  • Nik thanks Lulu for her support.
  • Franco sympathizes for Ava.
  • Terry is curious about Cyrus.
  • Nina attends an event at Wyndemere.
  • Anna asks Finn to make amends with his past.

Up Next:

  • Anna and Finn are at odds.
  • Sam steals a moment with Jason.
  • Maxie makes a stunning announcement.
  • Elizabeth and Franco come to a realization.

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