Next Week On General Hospital: August 12, 2019

Shiloh’s desperate attempt to recover his ill-gotten wealth took a very strange turn. The fallout unfolds next week! The procedure to download Drew’s memories onto Franco was completed. While Franco is physically okay, the results of what happened are still unknown. Liz anxiously awaits for her husband to wake up but who will he be when he opens his eyes? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVR!

This story is pretty out there but so was Luke and Laura saving the world from being frozen by the Cassadines. Sometimes the soap world needs to get a little weird to get our attention. And after all the heavy true crime story telling that has suffocated the series for the last year or so, I’m very open to some pure fantasy.

A good soap story is all about the emotions and this crazy tale has a lot at stake. Liz and Franco just celebrated their union with their beautiful family and friends. Now they have to fight to get that back. I’m really looking forward to Rebecca Herbst playing Liz’s reaction and heartbreak as well as seeing just how much of Franco is left. This is campy but it’s also high romance. I’m already more invested in this story than I was in the death of a kid I didn’t care about or an unsexy sex cult full of dayplayers.



  • Laura offers her reassurance.
  • Kevin has a conversation with Alexis about Neil.
  • Julian and Kim meet with Lucy to discuss a new house.
  • Liz hopes for the best as she watches over Franco as he sleeps.
  • Stella gets an important message.


  • Laura makes an important phone call.
  • Ava is caught off-guard.
  • Jax catches Nina in a vulnerable moment.
  • Sonny shares a tender moment with Mike.
  • Curtis blames himself in light of recent events.


  • Sam and Jason enjoy a reprieve at home together.
  • Elizabeth shares what she knows with Franco.
  • Julian and Lucas have an emotional conversation.
  • Nina and Valentin tend to a sick Sasha.
  • Hayden doesn’t go unnoticed.


  • Brad asks Julian to reconsider the situation.
  • Drew and Elizabeth are in for a shock.
  • Maxie and Peter are taken aback.
  • Sam and Jason regroup with Robert.
  • Finn and Valentin cross at the hospital.


  • Willow sees another side to Chase.
  • Monica searches for Kim.
  • Hayden responds to Finn’s request to meet.
  • Carly and Sonny plan a cozy night together.
  • Josslyn helps Dev prepare for his classes.

Up Next:

  • Jason goes to see Franco.
  • Kim has a heart to heart with Monica.
  • Ava’s dream leaves her with unanswered questions.
  • Cam gets swept up in Trina’s enthusiasm.

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