Next Week On General Hospital: August 13, 2018

Ava knows the truth about Griffin and Kiki thanks to a texting mishap. Friday’s General Hospital ended with the femme fatale forcing Scott to ask her boyfriend to make his confession on the stand. Will the former priest own up to his actions or will he continue with his cover up? Griffin has always valued himself as a moral person but his actions lately have been the opposite. Will he continue to lie to save himself? Remember to watch GH daily and set your DVRs!

I don’t like that Kiki and Griffin’s one night stand has muddled the #MeToo story line. Dr. Bensch is still a creep and Kiki still deserves justice. The upside though is we get to watch Ava at her vengeful best. I think Ava deserves justice after a man did her wrong as much as Kiki does. This isn’t just a case of the mother and daughter falling for the same guy again. The situation with Morgan was different. With Griffin, Ava thought she had found someone who would uplift her and make her a better person. He was judgmental of her wrongdoings and she tried hard to please him. Griffin sleeping with her daughter and hiding the truth is a major betrayal. The pedestal Ava had put him on has now been knocked down. I’m wondering how far she’ll go to get her revenge as she also knows about the unauthorized DNA test that Griffin ran on Peter. She could ruin him if she wants.

Monday – TV-14-DLV

  • Griffin is a reluctant witness.
  • Scott offers an apology.
  • Jason comes up with a theory.
  • Elizabeth is disappointed by her son’s actions.
  • Josslyn is annoyed with Oscar.

Tuesday – TV-14-DL

  • Kiki is on edge about the outcome of her case.
  • Alexis states the facts.
  • Franco apologizes for what happened.
  • Elizabeth is understanding.
  • Valentin gets a shock.

Wednesday – TV-14-DL 

  • Sonny is visited by someone unexpected.
  • Alexis moves forward with caution.
  • Sam is asked to do a favor.
  • Griffin is dumbfounded.
  • Franco is furious with the situation.

Thursday – TV-14-L 

  • Joss apologizes to Sonny.
  • Stella offers her condolences to the family.
  • Michael’s emotions get the best of him.
  • Jordan feels betrayed by someone close to her.
  • Elizabeth shares her concerns.

Friday – TV-14-DL  

  • Bobbie voices her thoughts on the matter.
  • Sonny takes Julian aside.
  • Alexis receives horrible news.
  • Nina’s temper gets the best of her.
  • Drew ponders a series of coincidences.

Up Next:

  • Brad looks to Julian for advice.
  • Jason warns Drew about his new friendship.
  • Sonny confides in Felix.

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