Next Week On General Hospital: August 24, 2020

Nelle hit a snag in her plan to kidnap Wiley when her husband decided to stop being so obedient. Just how does Julian plan to get rid of his bride? And more importantly, where is baby Wiley? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I get the sense that someone in Port Charles is about to be murdered. Julian is finding himself backed into a corner with very little options and seems to have turned back to his violent ways for the answer to his predicament. The ex-mobster may have seemed easy to push around when Nelle married him but she clearly didn’t think things through very well. I wonder if Nelle will be able to talk herself out of this one before he pulls the trigger on her.


  • Willow makes a terrible discovery.
  • Julian finds himself in a no-win situation.
  • Jason doesn’t want to jump to conclusions.
  • Sonny gets a call regarding Mike.
  • Olivia and Ned are anxious.


  • Michael has a theory.
  • Ava is relieved.
  • Nina is supportive.
  • Nelle is at a disadvantage.
  • Nikolas reaches out to Spencer.


  • Carly stays with Michael.
  • Sonny gets the confirmation he needs.
  • Chase gets a lead. Epiphany steps in to help.
  • Willow finds comfort from an unlikely source.


  • Carly tries to help.
  • Jax reaches out to Jordan.
  • Curtis feels responsible.
  • Portia remains positive.
  • Joss makes a confession.


  • Jax wants to protect Carly.
  • Michael is anxious.
  • Jordan is cornered.
  • Portia apologizes.
  • Sam worries about Alexis.

Up Next:

  • Alexis and Neil reconnect.
  • Nina is one step closer to learning the truth.
  • Robert makes a chilling remark to Anna.
  • Maxie and Peter enjoy an afternoon together.

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One thought on “Next Week On General Hospital: August 24, 2020

  1. cooks7570

    August 21, 2020 at 10:38pm

    Can Nelle get a little win? I wish they soften Nelle up some what.

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