Next Week On General Hospital: August 3, 2020

After a long stretch of reruns, new episodes of General Hospital will begin airing on August 3rd. Look for things to pick up where they left off. Will the battle for Wiley go the way that Nelle had hoped? The blond bad girl’s manipulations may or may not have the desired effect. Cyrus has some surprising encounters with some of Port Charles’ citizens. Is there more to the latest mobster foe than appears? Meanwhile, Maxie has some important decisions to make that will impact her future. Remember to watch GH daily and set your DVRs!

I have mixed feelings about GH picking up with the same stories as they left us with in May. Many fans felt that the show should have done a time jump since GH’s current stories have fallen flat and this would have been a nice time to reboot. However, I get not wanting to drop stories without resolution. Plus, the time jump on Days of our Lives, as bold and brave as it was, did not score that big with the audience or ratings. I understand the decision but admit I feel disappointed. I do hope that the break was used to clean up the pacing of these stories and make some needed adjustments to their structure. It would be wise to quickly wrap up all current storylines and then move on as soon as possible.


  • Nelle is shaken.
  • Jax is impressed with Nina’s strength.
  • Ned and Olivia clash.
  • Valentin meets with Brook Lynn.
  • Portia has an uncomfortable encounter.


  • Carly comes home to a distraught Sonny.
  • Valentin and Martin strategize.
  • Brook Lynn interrupts Ned.
  • Monica is committed to a cause.
  • Nelle is confrontational.


  • Sonny has a crisis of conscience.
  • Valentin propositions Sam.
  • Alexis gets a visit from an old friend.
  • Willow and Michael grow closer.
  • Nelle demands to see Wiley.


  • Jordan confides in Jason.
  • Maxie and Lucy agree on a decision about Deception.
  • Sam and Carly bond over a common struggle.
  • Curtis runs into Chase.
  • Cyrus meets with Brando.


  • Sonny visits with Brando.
  • Cyrus continues to manipulate Jordan.
  • Finn and Portia bond over the relationships they have with their daughters.
  • Maxie has seconds thoughts.
  • Anna defends Peter.

Up Next:

  • Franco is put off by Nikolas’ behavior.
  • Sam is cautiously optimistic.
  • Lucy makes a surprise announcement.
  • Terry is curious about Cyrus.

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