Next Week On General Hospital: August 5, 2019

Hank has finally decided to get the details on where Drew hide his ill-gotten money. With Sam’s fate in Hank’s hands, how far will Jason go to save the woman he loves? Meanwhile, Drew and Curtis race to find the missing flashdrive before Hank can use it. It’s an exciting week ahead for General Hospital! Be sure to watch daily and set your DVRs!

Terrorist Hank is a better villain than his second persona, cult leader Shiloh. I can’t help but wonder if GH’s ratings would be in better shape had the cult story never happened and this had been the story from the get go. Port Charles’ residents don’t need to be written out of character to fall prey to Hank’s violent greed. It also ties into Drew’s past, gives a thought-provoking look at the different types of brotherhood, allows for heroics without Sam willingly setting herself up to be violated and utilizes the characters already on canvas. I’m interested in what twisted lengths Hank will go to in his attempts to regain his wealth and how the heroes will take him down.


  • Alexis receives bad news.
  • Finn relies on Epiphany’s expertise.
  • Julian bonds with his son.
  • Kim has a heart-to-heart with Carly.
  • Obrecht confronts Brad.


  • Shiloh issues Jason with an ultimatum.
  • Drew calls Sonny for assistance.
  • Joss has a surprise for Cameron.
  • Neil and Alexis grow closer.
  • Lucy takes Sasha apartment hunting.


  • Shiloh grows more desperate.
  • Franco is grateful to Scott for helping out the family.
  • Sasha makes a confession to Maxie.
  • Nina receives flowers.
  • Laura wants to form her own opinion.


  • Nina feels worried.
  • Sam is argumentative.
  • Elizabeth receives an alarming phone call.
  • Curtis looks for help.
  • Lucy knows more than she thinks.


  • Lucas has an important update.
  • Robert shares disappointing news.
  • Peter offers Maxie his support.
  • Lulu wants things to return to normal.
  • Willow has a misunderstanding.

Up Next:

  • Liz watches over Franco as he sleeps.
  • Jax catches Nina in a vulnerable moment.
  • Sam and Jason regroup with Robert.
  • Carly and Sonny plan a cozy night together.

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