Next Week On General Hospital: August 6, 2018

A major secret is about to be exposed as Kiki’s day in court approaches. Ava has been supporting her daughter through this traumatic time despite Kiki’s cold behavior towards her. Fans have been anxiously awaiting her reaction when she learns that her lover and her daughter slept together. The wait is almost over. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned” will no doubt be the moral of the story once Griffin and Kiki’s one night stand is exposed. Ava is in love with Griffin and, in her mind, his seemingly good nature has made her a better person. He hasn’t honored her by reciprocating her feelings or loyalty. To pour salt into the wound, both Griffin and Kiki have been harsh to Ava regarding her past misdeeds while keeping their betrayal hidden. I suspect Kiki will not be completely off the hook either when her mother finds out what she’s done.

Kiki’s fling with Griffin also complicates matters regarding her sexual harassment case against Dr. Bensch. It’s important that she gets justice not just for herself but for those who have also suffered. The fact that she slept with Griffin could be used to show her in a negative light, possibly killing the case against Dr. Bensch. Scott is the only one besides Kiki and Griffin who knows the truth so far. He’s going to need to share what he overheard with the right people quickly to prevent any surprises in the courtroom. It’s not possible for this to be easily swept under the rug as, even though he has no problem lying to Ava, Griffin is nervous about not speaking the truth on the stand.

Monday – TV-14-L

  • Jason expresses his concerns.
  • Julian’s actions give Ava inspiration.
  • Drew makes a grand gesture.
  • Margaux makes an innocent play.
  • Jordan searches for the truth.

Tuesday – TV-14-DLV

  • Jason has a meeting with Margaux.
  • Sonny’s interest is piqued.
  • Nelle taunts those around her.
  • Scotty does his best to reason with Dr. Bensch before the case goes to trial.
  • Griffin finds Ava’s concern for Kiki touching.

Wednesday – TV-14-DLV

  • Finn refuses to assist.
  • Kiki prepares for her courtroom battle.
  • Julian is appreciative.
  • Scotty confides in Franco about Griffin and Kiki.
  • Drew overhears a conversation that may be of some importance.

Thursday – TV-14-LDS

  • Franco doesn’t help the situation.
  • Sonny’s day is bittersweet.
  • Jordan uses her resourcefulness.
  • Stella remains unbothered.
  • Curtis is in for a surprise.

Friday – TV-14-DL

  • Franco makes a dramatic move.
  • Elizabeth feels conflicted.
  • Ava forces Scotty’s hand.
  • Kevin issues an apology.
  • An uncertain Oscar looks to Drew for advice.

Up Next:

  • Kiki is on edge.
  • Sam is asked to do a favor.
  • Michael’s emotions get the best of him.
  • Elizabeth shares her concerns.

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