Next Week On General Hospital: December 10, 2018

Tension arises when Kiki’s loved ones come together to mourn her loss. Look for her mother to take out her anger on others whether they deserve it or not. Unbeknownst to Ava, the one really responsible for Kiki’s death is a lot closer than she thinks. Ryan will continue to play the part of the doting boyfriend and friendly shrink but how much longer can he keep up the act? Some of those close to the good doctor are becoming increasingly suspicious. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

While most of the initial response to Kiki’s murder lacked drama, we’re starting to see more of a fallout now. I still think that GH made the wrong choice in killing of this character. For example, the writers have deprived themselves of major story if or when Morgan even returns from the dead. It would have made more sense in my opinion to have Nelle be Ryan’s victim instead. She’s at Ferncliff so the opportunity was certainly there.

I’m looking forward to Ava learning the truth about Ryan with both anticipation and dread. The grieving mother finding out she has slept with the enemy will bring a lot of soapy drama. I’m hoping she destroys him. But what happens after that? I suspect the femme fatale will be blaming herself for unknowingly putting Kiki into Ryan’s sights. Ava is already constantly carrying the guilt of Morgan’s death with her, does she need to have her daughter’s blood on her hands too?


  • Ava has difficulty dealing with the loss of her daughter.
  • Julian attempts to ease the situation.
  • Carly visits Morgan’s grave.
  • Drew is in disbelief.
  • Sonny comes to Mike’s defense.


  • Laura brings Sonny up to speed on current events.
  • Nina gets a disappointment.
  • Anna looks to the future.
  • Chase is part of a misunderstanding.
  • Willow is caught off guard.


  • Carly and “Kevin” have a confrontation.
  • Ava receives a surprise visitor.
  • Nina is encouraged to give Valentin another chance.
  • The culmination of tragic events leaves Griffin feeling lost.
  • Chase and Finn do some brotherly bonding.


  • Kim gives Oscar his space.
  • Cameron pays Julian a visit.
  • Sonny and Oscar have a heart-heart.
  • Something is troubling Carly.
  • Sam’s interest is piqued when she encounters something of interest.


  • Stella gains a little insight.
  • Laura confides her suspicions to Lulu.
  • Nina makes an important decision.
  • Julian doesn’t want to intrude on the situation.
  • Cameron has doubts about his decision.

Up Next

  • Jason offers his support.
  • Cameron gets in over his head.
  • Peter wrestles with his feelings.
  • Jordan confides in Stella.

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