Next Week On General Hospital: December 17, 2018

On Friday’s General Hospital, Lulu and Liz found out that Charlotte is bullying Aiden after Laura put the pieces together. While Valentin and Lulu are concerned about their daughter’s behavior, Nina feels that the little girl should be able to do whatever she wants. The heiress may be a bit of a bad influence. Lulu and Charlotte have come to Liz’s home to apologize, but don’t look for that to be the end of the classroom drama. Remember to watch GH daily and set your DVRs!

The current writing team seems to be a fan of tackling social issues and I applaud them for not shying away from hot topics. However, a lot the stories end up suffering due to pacing issues. Bullying is an issue that has gotten a lot of attention lately. Fans seem to feel pretty passionately about Aiden’s troubles at school. It’s stressful to watch at times because an adorable boy has been getting tortured since September and neither the parents of the bully nor the child’s school have done much to resolve the issue. It’s not Franco and Liz’s job to correct Charlotte’s behavior or to ensure Aiden’s safety at school. I get the feeling that things are just going to get worse due to the negligence and Aiden is going to end up at Shriners Hospital.

The very lovely Michelle Stafford has done a good job of playing her fictional alter ego as the bad parent. Nina is so obsessed with the idea of being the perfect mother of a perfect child that she’s not concerned about anybody else. She was once very much in love with Franco but doesn’t seem to feel bad about what this is putting his family through. Also, she was so angry at Valentin for doing the unthinkable – hurting a child when he gave Peter to Faison – that she divorced him but she’s willing to let Aiden be in harm’s way. She now wants to stay with Valentin so that she can prevent Charlotte from being disciplined. Nina has had her fair share of tragedy but I feel like she can’t come out of this unscathed given her role in what is happening. There’s a hint that Willow may end up being Nina’s real daughter. If that is the case, I want Willow to not ever accept her as her mother..


  • Carly steps in to help.
  • Sam is anxious about her past.
  • Jason is supportive.
  • Liz is stunned to find out what has been going on with her son.
  • Laura feels a sense of pride.


  • Carly is worried.
  • Margaux gets an interesting lead.
  • Lulu pumps Chase for information.
  • Cameron finds himself in hot water.
  • Daisy offers her help.


  • Carly vents her frustrations to Jason.
  • Liz is furious.
  • Nina gets a shock.
  • Valentin comes closer to getting what he wants.
  • Kristina calls Sam out on her behavior.


  • Sonny and Carly find themselves at odds.
  • Sam gets another concerning message.
  • Chase tries to connect to Willow.
  • Peter wrestles with his feelings.
  • Obrecht’s lips are sealed.


  • Aiden suffers a disappointment.
  • Oscar makes a point to help others.
  • Anna feels indebted to Maxie.
  • Chase can’t stop thinking about Willow.
  • Jordan confides in Stella.

Up Next:

  • Ryan continues to torment Kevin.
  • Laura looks to Felicia for help.
  • Kim reminisces about the past.

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