Next Week On General Hospital: December 2, 2019

Port Charles continues to celebrate Thanksgiving! Look for big drama when Quartermaines gather together for their traditional pizza. Lulu will discover that her old nemesis is back in town. Will Brook Lynn keep it civil? Olivia tries to keep it optimistic. Later, with Jason’s help, “Drew” completes a final project before he says goodbye. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!


  • Lucas pleads with Brad to tell him the truth.
  • Liz gets a surprise.
  • Olivia remains optimistic that everything will work out.
  • Monica makes a call to Epiphany.
  • Finn and Anna have a heart-to-heart.


  • Julian makes a devastating discovery.
  • Carly’s plans are cut short.
  • Sonny does his best to reassure Kristina.
  • Jordan is content.
  • Willow is anxious to know the truth.


  • Bobbie has terrible news to share.
  • Michael offers to help.
  • Nina is in for a surprise.
  • Jax and Valentin have a confrontation.
  • Finn worries about what to tell Violet about her mother.


  • Jordan’s findings are inconclusive.
  • Sonny offers his sympathy.
  • Willow finds a confidant in Sasha.
  • Michael presses for more intel.
  • Nelle meets her new cellmate.


  • Maxie and Lulu catch each other up on their holiday drama.
  • Jason surprises Ned.
  • Franco finishes Oscar’s treehouse.
  • Monica clarifies things with Olivia.
  • Peter gathers his possessions.
  • Anna has a disagreement with Robert.

Up Next:

  • Nina considers a new business partner.
  • Jax is terse.
  • Julian is remorseful.
  • Michael accepts the help he needs.

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