Next Week On General Hospital: December 3, 2018

Ryan has struck again! Will the PCPD connect the two murders? Griffin stands wrongly accused of killing his girlfriend. Can he prove his innocence before it’s too late? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

To say I’m disappointed in how the writers chose to tell Kiki’s tragic demise would be an understatement. I’m a fan of Hayley Erin so I wasn’t thrilled when I learned that Kiki would be one of Ryan’s victims. Knowing that it would provide emotional material for the characters connected to her though made me feel better about the poor decision. However, only Ava and Griffin have been allow to really feel anything. The whole purpose of killing off a character the audience knows is the emotional impact. More focus and screen time was given to characters who didn’t know Kiki. It was in poor taste to show the guests at the Haunting Star not caring that a young woman was violently murdered. If the characters don’t care, then why should the audience?


  • Griffin argues his innocence.
  • Jordan gets a lead.
  • Sam receives a pleasant surprise.
  • Alexis is curious.
  • Sonny has a lot on his mind.


  • Ava is put on the spot.
  • Chase finds a clue that could lead to the killer.
  • Sonny runs into Margaux.
  • Felicia is curious about Maxie’s relationship.
  • Finn offers Anna reassurance.


  • Julian lashes out.
  • Franco begins his day in Art Therapy.
  • Lulu bumps into Willow.
  • Valentin shares his own experience.
  • Laura gains a little perspective.


  • Jordan grows obsessed with her case.
  • Sam has something important for Alexis.
  • Chase looks for answers surrounding Mary Pat’s murder.
  • Laura is caught off guard.
  • Willow receives an invitation.


  • Anna bets on Obrecht’s motherly instincts to kick in.
  • Jason gets some interesting intel.
  • Alexis is skeptical.
  • Curtis and Sam work together.
  • Sonny gets a peculiar visit.

Up Next:

  • Carly pays a visit to Morgan’s grave.
  • Nina is encouraged to give Valentin another chance.
  • Sonny and Oscar have a heart-to-heart.
  • Chase and Finn bond.

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