Next Week On General Hospital: December 7, 2020

Jason and Sam aren’t exactly on the same page at the moment. Jason is still prioritizing his work as Sonny’s enforcer, something that in the past Sam has accepted. She’s now questioning if the dangerous lifestyle is what she wants for her family. Look for Jason to spend some quality time with his son and for Sam to make a tough decision. Will the couple find a way to make things work? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

While the pairing of Jason and Sam is one of GH’s most popular super couples, it feels like they have been treading water for the last few years. Although I am intrigued by this new story and feel it is necessary to tell, the timing and pacing isn’t great for the characters. It should have taken place three years ago when Jason returned. Sam questioning the safety of her children after the sex cult story and her battle with her parole officer is a bit of headscrather. Meanwhile after Jason lost years with his loved ones, he seems to feel Sonny and Carly are the ones who need most of his time. Since none of this was addressed when it should have been, it essentially means that Jason and Sam have been in an unhappy relationship for the last few years. This couple really needs to talk to each other.

Monday TV-14-DL

  • Finn spends the afternoon with Gregory.
  • Michael is relieved.
  • Maxie is anxious to start her life with Peter.
  • Valentin looks to Anna for help.
  • Franco seeks Kevin’s advice.

Tuesday TV-14-L

  • Jason enjoys a board game with Danny.
  • Brando attempts to change Sasha’s mind.
  • Trina looks to Joss to help her find out the truth about her father.
  • Curtis and Jordan have much to celebrate.
  • Sam makes a tough decision.

Wednesday TV-14-LV

  • Laura gets an unexpected visitor.
  • Diane uncovers an interesting bit of information about Cyrus.
  • Curtis gets a new lead.
  • Jason’s time with Sam is interrupted by a call from Sonny.
  • Willow and Michael come to a mutual understanding.

Thursday TV-14-L

  • Sam is fed up with Alexis’ tactics.
  • Monica shares the news of Ned’s infidelity.
  • Finn gets caught up in the moment.
  • Dante and Anna catch up over coffee.
  • Scott is surprised to see a familiar face so far from home.

Friday TV-14-LVS

  • Scott demands an explanation.
  • Dante seeks Olivia’s advice.
  • Alexis places her trust in the wrong hands.
  • Nikolas surprises Ava.
  • Sam confides in Carly.

Up Next:

  • Tracy’s plan backfires.
  • Martin tells Valentin a fascinating story.
  • Julian solicits the help of a stranger.
  • Carly and Joss have a heart to heart.

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One thought on “Next Week On General Hospital: December 7, 2020

  1. S Lovell

    December 5, 2020 at 4:10pm

    Great observations about Jasam. I want to know why since the show returned from the shutdown, Jason’s been turned into a dick? He treats Sam and his kids like they’re nuisances. Jason needs to grow up. The character is stagnant. Predictable. Dare I say boring?

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