Next Week On General Hospital: December 9, 2019

For the residents of Port Charlies, there’s nothing more dangerous than the truth. Liz hopes to have her husband returned to her despite all the risks involved. However, Peter worries that his treacherous past may be exposed if all goes according to plans. How far will he go to preserve the image he has created? The PCPD has concerns that the recent car crash may not have been the unfortunate accident that it first appeared to be. Will a guilt-stricken Julian be able to hide the truth? And will Brad finally come clean about Wiley? Meanwhile, Nina and Ava have formed an unexpected partnership. Could they be the Cassadine men’s downfall? All’s fair in love and war! Be sure to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

GH has been rough to watch this year but these last few weeks have shown some much needed improvement in quality. It’s nice to see more focus on the characters I care about – exploring motivations and the repercussions of choices made. I watch soaps for the stories these fictional people tell just by being them and going about their everyday lives. It’s nice to see Port Charles’ residents driving stories again instead becoming invisible in their own story lines. There are a lot of loose ends to be tied up and a more work course correction is needed in some areas but there is a feeling of hope again.


  • Elizabeth attempts to express her gratitude to “Drew”.
  • Trina helps Ava at the gallery.
  • Nina contemplaints a new business partner.
  • Valentin starts to suspect things are not as they seem.
  • Jax loses patience with Nik.


  • Elizabeth has some serious questions.
  • Anna can help but feel unsettled.
  • An unsuspecting Laura sabotages Peter plans.
  • Nina tries to defend Valentin.
  • Jax is terse.


  • Carly is alarmed.
  • Nelle makes an a curious phone call.
  • Willow is in for a shock.
  • Julian is overcome with remorse.
  • Lulu and Olivia offer their sympathy.


  • Ned is questioned.
  • Chase makes an important discovery.
  • Michael accepts some much needed help.
  • Dev and Joss grow closer.
  • Sonny expresses his appreciation.


  • Sonny is deflective.
  • Ava piques Carly’s curiosity.
  • Nina expresses her distaste.
  • Charlotte is confrontational.
  • Jason shares his suspicions.

Up Next:

  • Elizabeth waits with anticipation.
  • Sasha is less than thrilled with Lucy’s announcement.
  • Jordan shows no mercy.
  • Anna and Finn have a difference of opinion.

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