Next Week On General Hospital: February 1, 2021

Nina now knows the identity of her daughter but the truth is bittersweet. She’ll never get to be a mother to Nelle. Look for her to contemplate what could have been while also looking for more answers. Will she find out that Carly has been lying to her this whole time? The deception may awake Nina’s darker side. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

The saga Nina’s daughter is finally wrapping up after years of visible rewrites and general lack of enthusiasm for the story line. As a pal of mine said, this story has gone on so long that “it’s a toddler”. I can’t even imagine what made this particular tale so important that someone felt it garnered as much time and attention as it was granted. Here’s hoping that the next phase of the story is less tedious.

The part of this story that has any value is how Nina reacts. Can the audience expect to see “Nina Cray” come out and play now that she knows that her daughter was so close to her and taken from her before she had a chance to be her mother? I believe in Nelle’s case the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Neither handle not getting their way very well.

Monday TV-14-LSV

  • Nina reflects on a missed opportunity.
  • Valentin snaps at Carly.
  • Finn pushes Britt for information.
  • Obrecht makes a desperate plea.
  • Nikolas goes to Laura for advice.

Tuesday TV-14-L

  • Franco looks to Kevin for help.
  • Anna attempts to put the pieces together.
  • Sam harbors an obligation to Dante.
  • Jordan gives Alexis guidance.
  • Maxie is sympathetic to Liz’s situation.

Wednesday TV-14-L

  • Maxie pays Dante a visit.
  • Laura confronts Carly.
  • Cyrus turns the heat up on Brando.
  • Curtis gains strength from his peers.
  • Portia encourages Trina.


  • Maxie visits Nathan’s grave.
  • Anna updates Valentin on her investigation.
  • Finn, Chase and Gregory try to connect.
  • Carly’s ex tries to assure her that Nina is her ally.
  • Jackie and Scott ​reunite and catch up.


  • Chase tells Willow he misses her.
  • Sonny questions who he is.
  • Carly is defended.
  • Anna continues to piece together information on Peter.
  • Britt lays into Peter.

Up Next:

  • Carly and Joss visit Morgan’s grave.
  • Sam and Jason have a bittersweet cross.
  • Portia worries about Cyrus’ influence over Britt.
  • Valentin sees an opportunity for a second chance.

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One thought on “Next Week On General Hospital: February 1, 2021

  1. Ruth Malinoff

    March 27, 2021 at 12:37pm

    Please take another look at Tuesday , Franco is DEAD, or is he ? “Franco looks to Kevin for help”

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