Next Week On General Hospital: February 10, 2020

With the truth about Nikolas’ part in Hayden’s disappearance out, he’ll have a lot work to do in order to repair his relationship with Elizabeth. He promises to do just that after a chance meeting at Kelly’s. However, his quest for money and power may stand in the way when he observes an opportunity to get out of his marriage to Ava. Look for Franco and Elizabeth to become pawns in Nikolas and Ava’s game. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVR!

With some new stories taking shape, I asked fans on Twitter for their thoughts. The latest mob war has fans polarized. While some viewers are happy to have action back in Port Charles, others would prefer less glorified violence and bad guys as heroes. Overall, fans have taken to Nikolas and Ava’s tempestuous relationship and are warming up to Nina and Jax’s budding romance. But fans aren’t enjoying the lack of romance for GH’s already established pairings. Where’s the love for Franco and Elizabeth? And the plot point that is keeping Jason and Sam apart is something everyone could do without.

Trina has quickly become a fan favorite amongst the teen set while Dev isn’t garnering much interest. There’s not a lot of interest in Dev’s “family” right now either other than fan speculation that Carly and Brando may eventually get horizontal. Seeing the Quartermaines and Spencers frontburner again has made many fans happy. Tracy’s visit was particularly entertaining. Nelle’s latest villainous return has added some much needed fun to GH. Meanwhile, Peter’s story and the baby switch are causing major fatigue amongst viewers.

Please feel free to share some more thoughts on GH in the comments below!


  • Sonny has his concerns about Mike.
  • Carly tries to get the truth from Brando.
  • Anna’s situation with Peter has her feeling stressed.
  • Maxie gets some good news from Spinelli.
  • Alexis and Neil bump into each other.


  • Sonny is reminded to appreciate the time he has with Mike.
  • Sam and Jason have a secret meeting.
  • Finn is committed to protect the woman he loves.
  • Robert contacts the Feds.
  • Nikolas promises Elizabeth he’ll do better.


  • Peter continues to bond with Emma.
  • Robert is confrontational.
  • Nina finds a confidant in Ava.
  • Valentin is hit with devastating news.
  • Maxie has a misunderstanding.


  • Sam comes up with an idea.
  • Valentin has an announcement to make.
  • Jax feels encouraged to move forward.
  • Maxie complains to Lulu.
  • Brad reaches out to Nelle.


  • Valentin’s life takes a dark and terrible turn.
  • Alexis offers her support.
  • Willow is interrupted.
  • Lucas looks to Sam for guidance.
  • Jealousy gets the best of Nelle.

Up Next:

  • Chase follows up on a police report filed by a waitress at Kelly’s.
  • Molly vocalizes her opinions.
  • Trina gets a visit from a family member.
  • Jordan comes in contact with an old enemy.

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One thought on “Next Week On General Hospital: February 10, 2020

  1. Pat Reed

    February 9, 2020 at 4:07pm

    Please end the baby swap and get rid of Nelle and Brad permanently.
    Don’t start more stories until you wrap up the old ones.
    We really don’t need a mob war!

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  2. Lily Sholder

    February 9, 2020 at 6:23pm

    This is getting very very old and boring. Michael needs to find out that wiley is his son. You guys have been yanking us viewers along for way to long. You wait to long the viewers lose interest, like me. Might try to soap opera that nina reeves went back to. I’m sure when I tune back in to GH there eill be nothing I missed. Everything will be the same dull thing. Nothing going no where.

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  3. Loretta

    February 9, 2020 at 6:34pm

    More love in the afternoon

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  4. Kim Polomik

    February 9, 2020 at 9:36pm

    When is Michael going to get his son back? This Brad, Lucas, Michael story got old months ago.

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  5. Diana Attwood

    February 10, 2020 at 10:44am

    Yep agree who is many others about the Michael and willow/ Brad whole baby swapping thing it’s getting boring I’m actually playing games while it’s on I only look up when someone else comes on the screen come on GH you’re better than that if you’re going to have Jackson and nina get together let’s get it going already where is there first time together I’d like to see that I mean you know sexually I like to see Ava and Nicholas get it onto I would be pretty interesting maybe even fall for each other a little bit even though there’s an age difference. The lady that plays Ava is gorgeous so I don’t see why younger man wouldn’t find her attractive and I’m a girl the whole thing with Peter to I don’t know what’s going to happen there I’m I’m sick of everybody always hurting maxi why can’t Max you ever be happy I mean briefly she is but we all know that she’s not going to be we all know that she’s either being cheated on or lied to or something and just for once I’d like to see her happy for a while with somebody that’s nice that’s not going to turn out to be evil

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  6. Diana Attwood

    February 10, 2020 at 10:49am

    Where is the comment that I posted I want to see Jackson and Nina get together already be happy for awhile for Jackson leave Carly alone I don’t want to see Carly and sonny split up again I’m sick of that the Brad willow Michael thing needs to be over with but Michael have a son I love Sasha so I don’t want to see her go off the show I know people are saying you’re talking about putting wheel on Michael together that be okay I guess but then I feel sorry for the cop I know I like Lulu’s love and interest I’d much rather see Dante come back this guy could get back with someone else maybe Ned’s daughter can’t think of her name right now necklace and Ava I’d like to see them get together okay was a little older but she’s a very pretty lady and we all know that younger men can be attracted to pretty ladies you guys once again are planning on splitting Carly and sonny up? Come on I might stop watching if you do

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