Next Week On General Hospital: February 17, 2020

The secret of Wiley’s true parentage has been kept hidden for over a year now. Will the truth finally come out? Lucas is awake but his memory of the night of the car accident is hazy. Brad and Julian want it to stay that way. Look for Brad to make plans to get his family far away from Port Charles. Meanwhile, Nelle has plans of her own to keep her baby away from his father. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I have a love/hate relationship with the Wiley story. I really enjoy the pairing of Brad and Lucas and wanted them to tackle the obstacles of parenthood together. I care that they didn’t get the family they wanted and that their marriage will probably not survive such a terrible lie. Lucas questioning Brad’s strange behavior and his struggles to understand the obstacle his marriage was facing have been my favorite part of the tale.

There has been a lot of repetition in the story, highlighting the poor pacing. I feel like I’ve seen Brad and Julian have the same conversation multiple times. There is also a strange order to what is being played. Michael and his family’s obsession with Wiley seems out of place since they don’t know the baby is really Jonah. Willow’s bond with Wiley makes sense but her strong desire to have children feels like heavy-handed foreshadowing considering that Chase isn’t ready to have a family now. Brad and Lucas’ union will probably not be the only one to go south when the truth comes out.


  • Valentin has a run in with Lulu.
  • Carly and Bobbie make plans.
  • Michael is suspicious of Nelle.
  • Chase follows up on a police report filed by a waitress at Kelly’s.


  • Lucas struggles with flashbacks to the night of the car crash.
  • Anna bumps into Finn.
  • Molly vocalizes her opinions.
  • Brad thanks Willow for all her help.
  • Sonny is protective.


  • Nelle makes a discreet exit.
  • Sonny delivers a warning.
  • Curtis confronts Jordan about the secret she’s keeping.
  • Mac and Taggert catch up.
  • Trina gets a visit from a family member.


  • Jason offers his opinion.
  • Jordan comes in contact with an old enemy.
  • Curtis is put on notice.
  • Sonny tries to make sense of a situation.
  • Chase is frantic.
  • Brad attempts to make amends.


  • Michael is successful.
  • Carly struggles to figure out what is best for the baby.
  • Chase is the bearer of bad news.
  • Ava is horrified.
  • Jordan makes a confession.

Up Next:

  • Michael enjoys his morning.
  • Trina and Cameron make a pact.
  • Brook Lynn lays out her terms.
  • Alexis thinks about what might have been.

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