Next Week On General Hospital: February 18, 2019

Ryan thinks his attempt to frame Franco for murder was a success but, unbeknownst to him, Jordan is plotting a trap to lure the real killer. The commissioner’s plan could get messy, putting the newly married Franco in a tough spot. Having the artist accused of a murder he hasn’t committed has been tough enough on his family. He’ll no doubt have qualms about making a false confession. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Fans can already tell that Jordan’s plan for Franco and catching the killer is going to be risky. This is a soap, things won’t go as planned, and the stakes are high. It seems a rather cruel position to put Franco in. Liz wants to shout the news of their union from the rooftops but it may be best to wait. Things are about to get a little bumpy for the Webber-Baldwins.

Meanwhile, Laura’s conversation with Franco ended up pointing her in the right direction. “Kevin” isn’t the Kevin they know and she’s going to find out what’s going on. Laura helped save the world from a Cassadine weather machine. She’s got this!


  • Franco is reluctant to go along with Jordan’s plan.
  • Charlotte gives Spencer a guilt trip about the election tampering.
  • Nina shares an important announcement.
  • Willow is distracted by Brad.
  • Alexis and Kim talk.


  • Sam can’t help but be intrigued.
  • Margaux overshares.
  • Carly gets the proof she needs.
  • Stella bumps into Marcus.
  • Kristina invites Michael to lunch.


  • Ryan makes a move.
  • Lulu gets an unexpected call.
  • Julian has concerns about where Ava’s loyalty lies.
  • Nina has a surprise for Valentin.
  • Maxie and Peter strikeout.


  • Cameron is outraged by what he learns.
  • Franco wants to share his side of the story.
  • Ryan catches Ava off guard.
  • Lulu senses something is off.
  • Sonny grows suspicious of Robert.


  • Carly butts heads with Ava.
  • Ryan threatens Kevin.
  • Terry helps Elizabeth with the situation.
  • Jordan works with Franco.
  • Anna learns more about what is behind her illness.

Up Next:

  • Peter accepts a surprising invitation.
  • Alexis has a therapy session.
  • Scott runs into Ava.
  • Anna becomes suspicious.

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