Next Week On General Hospital: February 22, 2021

Who’s sending Ava threats? Look for Nikolas to make his wife’s safety his top priority. Meanwhile, Franco tries to make light of things as his health continues to decline. Cameron will show his support for his stepfather in a touching way. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!


  • Nikolas promises to keep Ava safe.
  • Franco tries to make light of a bad situation.
  • Jordan is grateful for her time with TJ.
  • Cameron looks to Trina for support.
  • Michael’s date is interrupted.


  • Carly’s ex is conflicted.
  • Michael and Willow process everything that has happened over the past few days.
  • Maxie offers Nina her support.
  • Britt makes a plea to Obrecht.
  • Anna reaches out to Peter.


  • Maxie passionately defends Peter to Britt.
  • Alexis looks to make amends with Olivia.
  • Carly wonders what Nina will do next.
  • Obrecht barely avoids a confrontation.
  • Robert laments to Jason there isn’t any way to stop Maxie from marrying Peter.


  • Portia pleads with Jordan to keep Taggert out of jail.
  • Curtis confides in Sam that he’s looking for a change of pace.
  • Jackie and Martin make strides in tracking down Florence.
  • Laura gives Nikolas advice regarding his relationship with Spencer.
  • Ava stands her ground.


  • Jackie pleads with Finn.
  • Anna confides in Valentin.
  • Maxie and Nina talk about Nathan.
  • Jordan and Curtis have an awkward encounter.
  • Cyrus receives infuriating information.

Up Next:

  • Maxie receives a surprising message.
  • Dante thwarts Valentin’s plan.
  • Franco makes a discovery.
  • Anna admits her mistakes to Robert.

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