Next Week On General Hospital: February 25, 2019

On General Hospital, the search for a serial killer has taken some unexpected turns leaving lives and hearts on the line. Franco has confessed to crimes he didn’t commit as part of Jordan’s plan to lure the killer. Unfortunately for him, Jordan refused to clue anyone else in on the truth and now he may be stuck at Ferncliff with no backup. Thank goodness Curtis recognizes something is off. But with Drew’s sudden blindness causing him to run over Jordan, will anyone get word to Liz that her husband’s confession is bogus? Remember to watch GH daily and set your DVRs!

Jordan’s plan to find the serial killer is really inconsiderate. She’s forcing Franco to risk his safety, reputation, and family. Even if she doesn’t care what happens to him, she should care about what happens to Liz and her sons. They’re innocent. And what about others who could fall prey to the killer once he is provoked? Everyone now thinks they no longer have to worry because the culprit has been caught. Lulu dismissed Curtis as her bodyguard. What if the killer tries to finish what he started? It would be different if Jordan already suspected “Kevin” and was using a carefully guarded Franco as bait.

Despite the unintelligent set up, this story is soapy. The stakes are pretty high for several couples. Will Franco and Liz’s faith in each other be rewarded? Will Laura and Kevin escape Ferncliff? Will Jordan survive being hit by Drew’s car and, if so, what will Curtis think of her recent actions? Will Ryan cross Carly and Sonny off his list? Will he marry Ava and whisk her far away from Port Charles’ madding crowd? Look for the answers to these questions to play out during the next few weeks.


  • Curtis keeps vigil over Jordan.
  • Finn tries to provide an explanation.
  • Carly confides in Jason regarding the family news.
  • Valentin meets with Sasha.
  • Peter accepts a shocking invitation.


  • Lulu prepares to face Franco.
  • Drew receives a secret message.
  • Ava wants to share the news of her engagement.
  • Jason avoids getting busted.
  • Alexis has a therapy session with Neil.


  • Ryan is furious that he’s not getting his just rewards.
  • Liz is concerned for Drew.
  • Maxie gives Lulu a hand.
  • Scott bumps into Ava.
  • Cameron is angry and confused after recent events.


  • Liz scrambles.
  • Mac and Felicia have an interesting theory.
  • Anna confronts Peter regarding newly discovered details.
  • Jason shares what he knows.
  • Nina keeps a worried Curtis company.


  • Ava looks to Julian for advice.
  • Lucy has questions.
  • Kevin looks for a way out of Ferncliff.
  • Curtis retrieves an important voicemail.
  • Anna becomes suspicious.

Up Next:

  • Kristina gets the attention she craves.
  • Curtis has heartbreaking news.
  • Jason is desperate to find Carly.
  • Liz has enormous issues to overcome.

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