Next Week On General Hospital: February 3, 2020

Sonny’s “coffee importing” business has some new competition. Who is behind the recent shootouts and the target on his family? Look for the fallout to continue this week on General Hospital. Remember to watch GH daily and set your DVRs!

GH announced that episodes will now be available online and on demand when preempted for the impeachment trial. Further details are available here! Also, check with your local station as some are showing episodes at alternative times.

I have mixed feelings about the latest mob war. After a rather dull and overly serious year, it is nice to see some action in Port Charles. Adventure and romance are always enjoyable for GH fans. However, the shootouts were constructed in a strange manner with most of the action and dialog belonging to dayplayers. For example, the waitress at the cafe was given plenty of screen time as she excitedly gave her statement to police and interacted with Mike. Meanwhile, Laura’s loved ones had very low-keyed, hollow reactions to her shooting. Focus should have been on the characters we care about and emotions should have ran a bit higher.

This story is also introducing some new characters to the canvas – another aspect that I have mixed feelings about. Johnny Wactor made his first appearance as Brando, Sonny’s cousin, Gladys’ son and Dev’s pretend father. Wactor is a handsome man and the brief interaction between Brando and Carly is already garnering fun speculation from viewers. But is the character needed? Does Dev really need all these connections to the canvas? I’d rather have Trina’s family expanded.

Jeff Kober is on his way as Sonny’s latest rival, Cyrus Renault. Viewers will probably recognize him from Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead. I remember him as Willow’s black magic dealer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Can he tell GH’s Willow that she tastes like strawberries? Please and thank you!) I think he’ll make a good villain for GH. It is a bit disappointing though that the writers chose a big bad that isn’t connected to the show’s history. I hope Cyrus’ reasons for going after Sonny are about more than territory and coffee beans.


  • Sonny arrives at the ER.
  • Nelle tries to appeal to Brook Lynn’s senses.
  • Nikolas goes to see Laura.
  • Willow questions Brad’s bizarre behavior.
  • Jax calls Carly.


  • Jax wonders what the last straw will be?
  • Michael and Sasha relocate.
  • Tracy and Ned disagree.
  • Peter is taken aback.
  • Sam identifies a possible ally.


  • Carly is worried.
  • Finn is upset.
  • Anna feels protective.
  • Julian calls a truce.
  • Martin pays Nelle a visit.


  • Jason delivers a warning.
  • Curtis is suspicious.
  • Sonny faces down an enemy.
  • Willow feels insecure.


  • Nelle is miserable.
  • Nina is disgusted.
  • Martin gets a call.
  • Lulu comes clean with Laura.
  • Brooke Lynn butts heads with Ned.

Up Next:

  • Alexis runs into Neil.
  • Finn is committed to protect the woman he loves.
  • Peter bonds with Emma.
  • Lucas asks Sam for her opinion.

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