Next Week On General Hospital: February 4, 2019

The PCPD thinks they may have caught the serial killer after finding a connection to all the victims – Franco. Unfortunately, they’ve set their sights on the wrong the man. Look for Ryan to use their misjudgment to his advantage. Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Franco has turned to “Kevin” for advice. Will Ryan’s latest plan fool everyone? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

While I’m frustrated with the PCPD’s inability to conduct a proper investigation, I am looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds between Ryan and Franco. I was disappointed with the lack of interaction between these two characters. Ryan sees an opportunity to use Franco to distract the police from the truth. I expect his plan to work initially but the killer twin is starting to make mistakes and setting up Franco may turn into one of those mistakes. Franco was able to provide the police with a profile of the serial killer. He’s able to understand how a killer thinks. Framing Franco may seem like a good out for Ryan but he may end up poking the bear.


  • Franco looks to “Kevin” to provide him with some much needed guidance.
  • Sam has an interesting meet up with Shiloh.
  • Kristina feels energized thanks to her involvement with the Dawn of Day group.
  • Sonny makes his intentions clear.
  • Anna is greeted by a surprise visitor.


  • Franco takes Aiden ice-skating.
  • Lucas is sympathetic regarding a situation.
  • Sasha surprises Nina.
  • Jason brings Carly up to speed.
  • Maxie’s influence over Peter piques Liesl’s interest.


  • Thanks to the PCPD, Ryan avoids suspicion by making Franco his pawn.
  • Charlotte and Nina go on a sisterly outing.
  • Nina has a dramatic change of heart.
  • Maxie questions Peter’s hesitation.
  • Finn and Robert work together to solve the mystery behind what happened to Anna & “Kevin”.


  • Franco is put in a precarious position.
  • Ava gets a shock.
  • Sonny shares his concerns with Alexis.
  • Drew receives some welcome news.
  • Julian is there to support Kim.


  • Spinelli shares his findings with Jason.
  • Alexis is caught off guard.
  • Elizabeth leans on Scott.
  • Ava shows compassion.
  • Ryan sets his sights on a new victim.

Up Next:

  • Obrecht preys upon Valentin’s discomfort.
  • Kristina struggles with a bout of jealousy.
  • Sam spends Valentine’s Day with another man.
  • Jordan offers Franco an out.

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